Points to keep in mind for online security awareness training program

The success of the security program is an ongoing thing and it clearly depends on the people using it. Hence, they should know the risks and importance of implementing the best practices. Organizations have realized this fact and are investing in online security awareness training programs. The biggest benefit with this is that you avoid the data loss due to security issues and hence avoid the expenses and time spent in correcting it. However, it is important to keep updating your security training program to avoid the new risks. Let’s discuss a few points to keep in mind while planning for a online security awareness CFISA Training program.

  • Update your training content: a training content that hasn’t been updated for a long time is a real waste of time both for the employee and the organization. In fact the employee would not be interested to do it also. Prepare new content that is up to the mark and targets the new risks. Instead of saying no to a few things, include positive notes like why to avoid it and what are the risks involved etc. While updating the content also make it apt for each department.

CFISA Training

  • Avoid the regular ways: There are many interactive ways to pass the information to the employee that is more powerful, effective and is also easy for you to get done. This is one reason that class room sessions are also avoided now and organizations have come up with using posters, videos etc that help to boost energy. Try to connect to real life issues of attacks happening to give a better picture.
  • Security awareness training program is not optional: Security can be at risk if any employee deviates from it. All employees handle data in different forms and as levels go up, they deal with more crucial data and hence it is essential for all levels of personnel to go through the training without any exceptions. Hence make this CFISA Training as a compulsion and not an option.
  • Security awareness program is not just needed for compliance issues. But that does not mean you make it an easy task. You should also try to achieve the agenda and taking the employees through the training as often as possible is not bad also-not quite often though!
  • Make it fun to complete the program. You can add some techniques that would be fun at the same time will help them in their personal and professional life also. If they feel that they can apply this information in their personal life too, they will definitely tune into it. Use interactive content and make it competitive.
  • Include tips through emails, hints on desktops, posters, reminders that provide security information. This also gives quick information and is very handy as well. You can also include face to face interactions to enable you to understand whether the personnel have gone through the program and have understood. Quizes can be a good idea too to know the understanding level.
  • Share security related materials outside work also. With this they make better decisions and help to reduce risk which in turn improves security. With this, they even get time to check it during their free time.
  • Ensure support from managers and top level executives so that personnel can successfully complete the program. This should not be done as a task to complete but as a responsibility to ensure that their team finishes the program and also understands it.
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