Business set up in UAE: Quick and Easy Process

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a federation of seven emirates of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras al-Khaimah, Ajman, Fujairah, and Umm al-Quwain.In the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), the UAE economy is the most diversified. A country that once relied on exports of its abundant oil reserves to run its economy now only draws a small portion of its GDP from the same, after doing business and tourism for economic development. So much so that the UAE is one of the largest business centers in the world, with its most populous city Dubai acting as a major global city and a preferred destination for businessmen, investors and tourists. All of this was made possible as a result of the market-friendly economic policies of the UAE government over the past three decades, encouraging foreign investment, sustainable development, innovation, and research.

Why Set up your Business in the UAE?

UAE is an advanced economy that offers a favorable business environment, world-class infrastructure, good facilities, flexible government norms, and efficient quality services for all incoming businesses, regardless of country of origin. Business arrangements in the UAE are futuristic and broad-minded business decisions for the following reasons:

  • The UAE is a growing and diverse market with a high global demand for imports and exports, and huge opportunities for supplier countries to have a strategic geographical location in a resource-rich region.
  • UAE has easy access and global connectivity with more than 90 airlines and 170 shipping lines. Above all, trading in the UAE is based on free trade barriers (no quota or exchange control).

Business In UAE

  • The state does not collect taxes on personal, capital or corporate income, and allows 100% repatriation of capital and real estate profits.
  • Real estate and shipping costs are competitive
  • There are no currency restrictions on money exchange
  • Energy supply is abundant and cheap
  • The population in this country is educated and skilled, so this place is advantageous from the point of view of employing workers – not because there are restrictions on hiring foreigners
  • The transit throughout the UAE is well developed
  • The progress of infrastructure in the UAE is no secret – luxury real estate, cutting-edge telecommunications systems, and reliable power supplies and other utilities are fertile breeding grounds for business entities
  • There are the best accommodations for residential and office use, with sophisticated venues for exhibitions and conferences
  • A physical office is needed to establish a company in the UAE.
  • The corporate income tax rate in the UAE is 0%. In addition, Emirates allows full repatriation of capital and profits.
  • To set up a company on the UAE mainland, a local sponsor (who must be a UAE citizen) acts as your company’s agent. However, in a free zone, there are no such preconditions.

Company Formation in UAE

Unicorn Corporates is well versed in the laws and regulations of establishing a company in the UAE and can help you set up your business here, using the necessary licenses. You can choose between free zone companies, onshore or offshore in the UAE.

Here’s How to Amend Your Business Address

In every business venture, some changes might happen. It includes growth, such as an increase in the number of employees, additional amenities, or perhaps your monthly lease payment has increased. However, moving and changing your business should not be a complicated task, to begin with. Also, your vendors, clients, and loyal customers should receive a notice regarding your new business address.

Make sure to notify the state, federal, and local taxing authorities regarding the change of location. In other cases, you’ll need to send a notice to the authorities in the address you’re leaving and officials where you’ll be relocating.

All Business Changes of Location

If you happen to have any local license or permits, you’ll need to amend these with the correct agency. For the IRS, you don’t need to change any existing information if you’re moving the business within the state. For instance, your EIN (employer ID number), you need to fill up the Form 8822: Change of Address (Part II) to activate the changes.

On the Form 8822, you may state whether you want to change the physical address of the business or you want to change your business mailing address where you’ll receive all the legal matters and notifications connected to business income, employment taxes, excise, and other tax purposes. Form 8822 is also used to amend the name of the responsible party for the business.

For EIN change of location assistance, visit for more information.

Moving Your Business within the State

If you’re moving the business within your state, you need to notify different state authorities and departments as well as the agencies in your city or country.

State Secretary of State

Send a notification message to the secretary of state when you moved the business within your state. Each state moving procedure is different and vary state to state, but you’ll have to change your essential documents such as Articles of Incorporation for limited liability company.

If your business type is sole-proprietorship and you registered your business in your state, you might need to notify the secretary of state for your business change in location. Also, there might be a small charge for a change of address.

State Department of Revenue 

You also need to notify the State Department of Revenue about the new location of your business, so they are informed where to send letters or notification for state taxes such as sales taxes, and state income taxes. Also, you need to submit information to the old state department of revenue to close your business account, since you establish the new one.

City and County 

For business licenses and permits, contact the local authorities and country where you do the business to inform them regarding the change of your location. Also, notify the officials to your old address for the change as well as the new address of your business.

Moving Out Away from the City, County, and State 

If you’re moving out to a new city, inform your old location that you’re gone and get a new business permit and license with the new town. You may also need a DBA or fictitious name with the new county or city.

If the business moves into a new state, you’ll need to cancel your business account in your old state. Also, you’ll need a new license and business permits with your new state.

How to Write a Perfect Business Plan?

For the business to become successful, it requires a well-written business plan from the start. Whether it’s about providing direction or lure investors, a business plan is crucial for the overall success of your organization. But the question is, how do you write one?

Here are the inclusions of a successful business plan:

  • Executive summary – a preview of your business
  • Company description – it describes your company’s product or services
  • Market analysis – understand the current trend in your industry, analyze the strategy of competitors
  • Organization and management – knowing your business and its structures
  • Service or the product
  • the services you provide for the customers
  • Marketing and sales – the steps on how you’ll market your business
  • Funding request– the money you’ll need for the next three to five years
  • Financial projections – balance sheets
  • Appendix – an optional part that includes permits, licenses, etc.

But getting started can be difficult and complicated, so if you want to become a successful businessperson, begin with your business plan. Below are the steps on how to write a perfect business plan.

  1. Do Your Research

 Always research and analyze your product and services, know your market and line of expertise. Do some evaluation and practice as you were writing the actual business plan.

For you to write a perfect business plan, you must fully know your company, your services, and the competition in the market. To make it shorter, it is always your responsibility to figure out everything about the business and the industry you plan to enter. Always read every necessary information about the industry and try talking to your audience or potential customers.

 Business Development

  1. Know the Purpose of the Plan

A business plan is a well-written document that describes the nature of your business, marketing strategy, financial background, and probable profit and loss. But your business plan can also serve different purposes.

Your business plan is like a map that gives directions, so a business can successfully plan its future to assist you from avoiding mishaps and misfortunes towards the path. It is also essential to remember, especially if you’re self-funding or bootstrapping the business. However, if you prefer to target investors, then your plan should have a different purpose. You need to write a plan that can make them attracted to your business. Always make it simple, concise, and transparent as possible as you can.

  1. Build Your Company Profile

It includes your company’s history, product or services you offer, the company’s target audience and market, your resources, solutions to solve possible problems, and what makes the business different from the others.

The company profile should be found on the business official website. It is mainly used to attract potential customers, investors, business partners, and reliable employees. Your profile can be used to describe the business plan. Company profile is not only a crucial component of the business plan, but it is also one of the well-written parts of the plan.

Services Offered By The Company Service Set-Up

There are a lot of people who want to invest their money and by making their own business company. Business is one of the best ways to increase every individual or family’s profit for their future. It is the best way to save, secure the endeavor but the riskiest at some point. There are a lot of people who want to be in the business industry but don’t have enough knowledge to enter. There are certain things they can do before entering the world of business, as it is not just offering products or services to the people but it is all about risking their own money. For a lot of reasons people who want to try their luck in business need to attend different kinds of seminars and other training that may help them to get the knowledge, they need to establish their own business. So it is important to seek help from the company setup service hong kong.

company setup service hong kong

Services Offered By The Company Set-up Of Hong Kong

  1. Make A Plan To Build The Whole Company. This is the most important part of establishing own business, people need to get detailed in every part of the planning system. Every process, transaction when starting the business needs to have its own plan so getting help from the company secretary HK is a big help. In this way, all the things in the business and for the future are manageable and also transparent. This is where the location is decided where to put said business. The location of the business really needs to be in the plan as this will give life to the business. For instance, people want to have a restaurant near the market and schools. This plan will definitely work as the location is on the right track.
  2. They Help You To Plan Your Finances. An individual cannot establish their own business if they don’t have enough money serves as the capital for their business. The reason why some people turn into bankruptcy with their business is that they don’t plan their finances in the right plan. They tend to get a loan and will not be able to pay, the thing is that people can have their loan when financing the business but not all of the things can be funded from a loan. This will give them more trouble in paying and at the same time rolling the capital to have more revenue from their business. Planning finances of the business need to be the top priority as the idea of business can’t be started without the capital.
  3. Choose the Business or the company concept and structure. This is also part of the business plan, but the most important thing is to know what an individual prefers to be their business structure. This is also important as this will be the marks of the business for a long time for the people. There are a lot of people who choose a particular business because of the place, its ambiance and of course the structure of the business. The concept of the business will always matter to the people, so it is important to choose the structure that will suit the business and will represent.
  4. Get Licenses and Permits. This is very important so that an individual will not have any conflict in operating their business. They will have the best time to run their business with the licenses they have and also the permits from the authority

What You Should Know About The Various Types Of Personal Loans

Today, availing a personal tax loan Hong kong is very popular in every part of the world, as to the fact that people are having trouble with it comes in managing their finances. This is the main reason why a lot of people get a personal loan of course for their necessities. Just like the personal loans offers in Hong Kong with other countries, loans are really beneficial to the people and to their living as well. There are a lot of personal loans an individual can avail, this just needs information for them to be aware and learn.

Various Types of Personal Loans

  1. Fixed Loan Term. This loan is just like personal loan hong kong, simple as just like with the other, the rules of this type of loan are that if an individual avails a higher loan and wanted it to finish in a shorter time then they need to cope with the bigger monthly payments. However, if an individual wanted to get a longer-term of the loan then they can also avail of a higher loan with lower monthly payments. Usually, this type of loan an individual can finish it from 12 months, 18, 24 or even 38 months. This is really beneficial for those individuals who can’t take a higher interest rate in such a short time.
  2. Fixed Loanable Amount. This type of loan is that an individual can avail the amount that they want, thus their income will vary. There are a lot of people who avail of this kind of loan for their house renovation, for a business, to buy a car and many more. However, a bank institution will assess every lender of this type of loan. The bank will base its approval on the capability of the lender to pay and based on the credit history and income of the client. Then, the one who has a higher income of course with an excellent credit background will be granted by the bank to avail of a higher loan for their purpose.

personal loan hong kong

Types of Personal Loans Based on Purpose

  1. Personal Installment. There is a lot of banks today offer this type of loan, the reason is that most of the people prefer to avail of this one. As people can have a fixed amount of their loan and can pay it in fixed monthly installments, and they can choose whether they want to get it 12 or 48 months in not that high-interest rate. Thus, today not only the bank can offer this type of loan but even the different establishments.
  2. Home Renovation and Education. There are a lot of people who are having a hard time managing their finances, especially in Education. The loan will always be a way to this problem. In renovating one’s home, an individual needs a big amount of money then they can avail of a loan. The best thing about the bank who offers this type of loan is that they educate people on what particular loan to avail. So, it is really important to be with the bank that is reliable and can trust.

Types of Loan Based on Collateral

  1. Secured Personal Loan. this type of loan, an individual is required to have their own collateral before availing a loan. Collateral includes the deposit bank an individual has, car, property and many more that will act like the things that the bank will pull in ever an individual is not able to finish or pay their loan.

Implementing Payroll Solutions

Handling a medium or large enterprise does not finish in counting your profit and entertaining your clients. One important aspect of managing a business is handling the human resources side.

While small companies will go with handling the payroll manually, this is often not just feasible among many different larger companies.

Tips on Saving Time and Money

Adapting a payroll solution software could make you save a lot. It is due to provide a more efficient system of distributing payout among employees. It also helps in tracking and assessing employees’ absence from work. many payroll solution software programs give attendance management advantages.

Also, choosing a payroll solution software program with advanced features would give out optimum advantages and productivity. In choosing the best payroll solution for your company, it is recommended to conduct a profit cost analysis, therefore, you may be ready to identify what is the best one you must try. All of the available payroll solutions emanate nothing but positive things about what they offer. it will help if you will look into some other sources like product reviews to check if they can give what you want.

If you already know what you think would best work for your company, then you must maximize however sure issues on the payroll system would be addressed. It should help you save time. It additionally saves your resources as rather than paying for somebody to try to do the task manually, the software package would offer an additional economical result or outcome.

Most payroll software works by having its electronic timesheets that help that human resource department to assess the performance of each employee. The records shall also translate into the payroll of the workers. Before deciding on that one you would use for the company, you should scrutinize first the features and possible downside of the payroll software.

Having a payroll solution program is nearly a demand currently. this provides every company formation agents hong kong with an opportunity to maximize potency. It avoids delaying salaries as there’s Associate in Nursing economical system enforced.

If you are thinking of a change to another payroll solution, meanwhile, carefully check the feedback of different company formation agents hong kong house owners so you’d not find yourself rueful of your selection. establish 1st the precise wants of your company and staff. There are several choices obtainable within the market, and you must rigorously select the one you’re planning to invest in.

While payroll solution eases out your payout issues and inefficiencies, you should still seek for the most effective choice obtainable. do not settle for the first one offered to you as there are many other options that would possibly provide you with more benefits. systematically seek for the most effective for your case and invest in this human resource solutions that would help not just your staff, but the company as a full.

Benefits of Using Office 365 For Your Business Demands

            Business Office 365 is much more than just a cloud-based Microsoft Office. It provides businesses with many benefits, supporting growth, saving money to name a few. If you’re asking if you need Office 365, this article developed a catalog of the top advantages Office 365 offers to both big and small companies (also, managed service provider hk helps you with the best service for your company needs!).

Benefits Of Office 365

            SCALABILITY. Office 365 allows you to scale your company as it can develop with you rapidly. Businesses get the capacity to blend and combine applications to build their unique alternative for each customer or department, and by merely incorporating or eliminating permits, it is simple to connect or extract customers.

            WORK ANYWHERE. The ability to practice from anywhere as soon as you have internet connections is one of the primary advantages of Office 365. Because it is entirely cloud-based, it is possible to access email, databases, and Office programs (including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) from any place and computer. You can generate, manage, and communicate with anyone in real-time from your PC, Mac, or iOS, Android, or Windows phone.

            EASY COLLABORATION. Instead of having multiple copies, anyone who needs to contribute to or edit a document (or spreadsheet, or presentation, etc.) can work on the same version (and get changes in real-time). In the event you need to go back to an older variant, versioning also gets included. Besides, employees will always be in touch with multi-party HD audio, mutual calendars, and group communication.

            YOU’RE ALWAYS UP TO DATE. Office 365 is always up-to-date because it’s in the cloud, so you’ll get access to the recent releases at no extra cost; software upgrade or patch moments become gone. Microsoft continuously brings fresh characteristics and skills, and as quickly as they get implemented, you will have access to them.

            REDUCES CAPITAL SPEND. Office 365 is a company based on subscriptions, meaning you receive an initial or monthly premium per customer. It eliminates the high upfront expenses of new software; you are fundamentally lending vs purchasing. It also shifts IT costs from equity to operating costs.

            ELIMINATES HARDWARE AND REDUCES ENERGY COSTS. You don’t need computers for your blog, messages or file processing because the department is running in the cloud. Cost savings are significant; both energy expenses and the need for desk room to store server hardware will get reduced by removing on-site computers.

            ADVANCED FEATURES FOR BETTER SECURITY. A common misunderstanding about the cloud is that it is not safe. It’s not inherently more or less secure in fact, though than an on-premise scheme. It’s all about how you use it and how you placed in location safety steps.

            Using office 365 business hk provides some definite company benefits, whether you need to increase your cooperative skills, enhance productivity, or keep your information safe. It offers alternatives that go far beyond the desktop variant of Microsoft Office, from internet conferences to exchanging files to business-class email.

Here’s a Quick Guide to Making Business Cards

The importance of having a business card should not be underestimated because it can take your name to places. Business cards may be small but it is a great way of introducing yourself to other business people and potential clients especially during networking events.

If you want to be memorable, you have to work on your business card by focusing on your design. You can have someone to do it professionally or you can try making it on your own for a more personal approach. If you decide to make the business card personally, here’s a quick guide to making it:

Step 1: Identify the information you want to include in the card

You must identify the information that you want to include in the card. You can add all your social media profiles and your website but you have to remember that you are working with limited space.

With this, it is best to keep the information simple and limit it to your name, designation, and your main contact information. In the end, this will ensure that essential information can be easily read without the cluttering design.

online business card design tool

Step 2: Pick a business card layout

The next thing that you should do is to pick a business card layout. These days, it is not new if you see horizontal and vertical business cards. The key here is you determine which layout you prefer. If you prefer conventional layouts, you can stick with horizontal layouts. If you want to stand out, you can work on a vertical layout.

Step 3: Open your business card in an online design tool

Whether you use Photoshop or other online business card design tool, the next step is to open it up and located the card template you prefer.

Step 4: Enter your business card information

After locating the business card template, you can start entering your business card information. The key here is to find the layer with the name.

Step 5: Customize the fonts

As soon as you entered your business card information, you can now customize the fonts. You just have to find the font selector at the top and it will reveal all the available fonts then choose the type of font you want to use.

Step 6: Change the colors

When you are finished customizing the fonts, you can start changing colors. You just have to make sure that the colors match your brand.

Step 7: Customize the back

You should not ignore the back portion of your business card. You can also tweak fonts and colors according to your preference.

Step 8: Export the design

The last step is exporting the design as a PDF. This is important to ensure that it is compatible with any printer. To export, you should click on “File” and the “Save as PDF”.

Final words

After entering your business card information, you can also start creating flyers. Flyers are an important marketing tool that can spread awareness of your brand. At the end of the day, you can capture the interests of more audience. You can simply consider an online flyer design tool. There are many design tools you can consider but you have to be mindful because not all are created equal.

Video Production Agency Help Every Business To Create High-Quality Video Testimonials

A video is a hot cake in marketing and video testimonials that can be given by different video production agencies  like this link from existing clients are the cherry on a cake. Video testimonials are the most powerful marketing and sales tools a business owner can use. They can always have the freedom to include videos on their websites and links. It can give positive feedback from the clients and to have a golden opportunity to gain the trust of the customers. A video testimonial is very applicable in this era of technology, it helps people to know better about the product or services you can offer. A video testimonial is a great way to practice telling the story of a particular business. A video is a perfect medium for sharing customer experiences.


Tips From The Video Production Agency You Must Try In Creating Video Testimonials From Different Brand

  1. People need to consider the Environment, Ambiance, and Gadgets. This is the first point to look for as these three are very important to produce likely professional video testimonials. The environment for the video testimonials can be a big factor, prefer for the location or area that is less noisy. It is more recognizable for the customers if the video has a clear audio quality. Ambiance has also a vital role in producing good video testimonial, people usually have only seconds to pay attention to a video. So, it will be a great idea if the ambiance of the video is a calm and relaxing background. Also, Lights should be entertaining enough for the viewers. It’s tempting to use whatever you may have on hand to record video testimonial, but it is worth to take the time to get a high-quality video. When choosing a camera phone, it should be still to avoid producing shaky videos. It is advisable to use smartphones as it will give you a better result for the quality. You don’t need to spend a lot of money in order to have the best video testimonials, you can always have the chance to do it in your own ways with your own equipment.
  2. Start with Question and Answer. It is always a good idea to start by giving some questions to your clients or customers. As the most important factor of video testimony is the content. An individual can ask the client like, What are their experiences with regards to the product or services. Also, an individual can include these two questions, what are they most like their product/services and Do they find it interesting to recommend their product/services to other people. These three questions can start a good conversation in order to have the best video testimonials.
  3. Edit the video. This link can give the business the best production agency in town. It is tricky but the most challenging part of creating video testimonials. Thus, there are a lot of editing tools an individual can use. Using online video editor is free of cost, spending a lot of time and effort to edit is the key. Use different video editor that is available on the internet, an individual can always include the client’s name, social media profiles if available, and links on their website. These will serve as an instrument to reach their product or services of the business has to offer. Video testimonials are more catchy when an individual has the best editing tools to show your creativity. Editing videos, it helps an individual to promote your business. Having a good caption, a simple video testimonial can be that powerful by also adding graphics and overlay text.

Reasons Why Serviced Office Is Good for Your Business

Regardless if you’re a well-established or small business for years, you have now a lot of options to maximize and modernize your business without spending too many resources. Thanks to the changing serviced offer sector in Hong Kong, your dream office location turns into a reality.

Here are the reasons why you should upgrade the current office status of your business to increase growth and opportunities in the market.

Click here for more information about business centers and services.

Office Leases are Constantly Changing

Because of the financial and economic crisis hit the world in 2008 and 2010, many property owners and landlords have gotten to the point where they choose to work in a market where renters or tenant flexibility became part of the priority in the services they provided.

Because of the growth of creativeness and technology, businesses spur a drastic change in several working styles and office needs. In line with this, the popularity of remote and virtual working makes the tenant’s space needs are shrinking.

With this underlying problem, there is a standard of living that results in changes to improve the office environment for employees.



The serviced offices are often located in the business districts where companies are getting head-to-head competition with others. Of course, renting prime cities comes with a price. Keeping this information in mind, serviced offices allows many start-ups or beginners to set their businesses in top districts at an affordable price.

So new small businesses can enjoy the benefits of prime cities from the first day of their business operation. Moreover, there are several conveniences of renting a serviced office, aside from the traditional PO Box. Most serviced offices are well connected to public transport which can be useful for employees who commute every day.

The serviced offices are commonly surrounded by shops, restaurants, and banks, which makes the employee’s life more comfortable and convenient.

The Budget

The idea of “serviced office” has been quite around for some time – and it was seen as a solution targeted by entrepreneurs and other business owners which commonly drawn by lower costs, flexibility, and collaborative working areas that pay for a monthly basis.

The flexibility of the serviced office industry became matured over the last few years so that it can offer more sophisticated and better options for tenants. One of the good things about the serviced office is its all-inclusive rent agreement which removes concerns about unforeseen expenses like high service charge costs and dilapidations.

It offers expansion and flexible office sizes depending on the business workflows, which takes more space when workloads are high-volume.


You need to make a connection and a broader network to grow the opportunities of your business. Choosing a serviced office, you’ll have a higher chance of increasing your connections with business-minded people who are working from the same workspace.

You’ll also have the opportunity to build beneficial mutual connections, share ups and downs which every beginner faces. Meaning, you’ll have an excellent working environment and support system which makes your business grow successfully in the long run.

Serviced offices enable companies and businesses to enter a good market with limited financial resources. To know more about business services and centers, click this About us section for more information.

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