What Was Asbestos Commonly Used For And What Are The Modern Alternatives?

Asbestos was a common material that was used in the home prior to the 1990s. This is a material which is now banned in construction and homeowners are advised that it should be removed from their homes as soon as possible. The problem with asbestos is that it can cause respiratory problems and homeowners can also develop a form of cancer called asbestosis.

It is the job of trained professionals to carry out a full survey of a house to determine whether asbestos is present. Then the asbestos can be removed safely with full protective gear being worn. What was asbestos commonly used for and what are the modern alternatives that can be installed in any type of home?

Asbestos Was Commonly Used For Roof Insulation

In any building, new or old, the most heat escapes through the top of the building because hot air rises. The roof needs to be properly insulated in order for the building to retain as much heat as possible, especially during colder winter months.

Asbestos used to be the most common material for insulating roofs because it was found to be extremely effective at stopping heat escaping through cracks, gaps and holes. However, people who live in houses that have asbestos in the roofs need to be made aware of the dangers that they are facing. Asbestos survey jobs are carried out on homes by professionals before the removal process can begin. This might take a number of days or weeks, depending on the amount of asbestos which has been located in the roof cavity.

This asbestos can be replaced with modern insulation material which has been thoroughly tested. Then homeowners will not be putting their health at risk from the asbestosis or breathing problems.

Asbestos Was Commonly Used As Insulation For Walls

The walls of a house need to be insulated so that the heat from radiators and appliances does not escape easily. This can lead homeowners to waste a lot of money on energy that they are not feelings the benefits from. In older houses, asbestos would be installed in the wall cavities to make sure that heat was not going to escape.

The asbestos in the walls poses as much, if not greater, danger to homeowners when they are exposed to it. This is because people are I much closer proximity to the walls than they are to the roof unless they happen to sleep in the attic on a regular basis. The wall asbestos can be removed quickly and efficiently.

A survey is then carried out to make sure that all traces of asbestos have been removed from the house so that people are not at risk of further exposure.

What Is The Modern Alternative To Asbestos?

The modern alternatives to asbestos are all materials which have been put through a rigorous set of tests to make sure that they do not cause health issues.

Asbestos is a harmful material which needs to be removed from houses.

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