How to turn hope into action

enough to enable people to realise their business ambitions. If you’re keen to know how to turn hope into action, it’s worth taking expert advice on board. Here, we explore tips offered by Appco Group founder and chairman Chris Niarchos. He provides some useful pointers that could help you to steer your company to success.

Ensure you have a realistic plan

Writing in a blog featured on the Appco UK website, Chris highlighted the importance of having a realistic plan in place for your business based on detailed steps, goals and outcomes. He said that by making an effort to do this, you can take control of the direction your company is going in and make calculated decisions that will allow you to execute your strategy and develop new ideas. The renowned entrepreneur also suggested that having a clearly defined plan can help you to keep your focus and give you a renewed sense of confidence.

Be ready to embrace change

Chris also emphasised the importance of being able to embrace change. He acknowledged that changing tack and doing things differently can be a daunting prospect, but added that it can also lead to opportunities that you may not even know exist. Giving concrete examples, the business leader said you may have commercial space that you discover you can use in other ways or you might see opportunities emerge from particular technological innovations. By being receptive to different ways of doing things, you could make your company more resilient and able to adapt in line with changing circumstances.

According to Chris, some of the world’s best known companies survived through their fledgling years by being agile and moving with the times. This flexibility allowed them to create new, popular products.

He went on to note that every day you will face obstacles in business and in life more generally – as he has heading up Appco. Being prepared to innovate and to use your unique strengths and abilities, as well as those of the team around you, will help you to overcome these difficulties and succeed.

There’s no denying the fact that hope can play an important role in driving you forward in your business ambitions, and by combining it with practical steps such as those outlined by Chris, you can maximise your chances of success.


Leather Chairs Last Longer Than Other Office Chairs

The leather office chair that you choose is important to how you are perceived and the support that you enjoy during a workday. A chair that is chosen must not only be comfortable but send the right message about how you want to conduct business and how you are received as a manager. For instance, chairs are available that are vibrantly hued whilst other chairs are more traditional in appearance. Darker leathers, for example, convey a statement of authority.

Stay Within Budget and Still Enjoy the Luxury of Leather

You will find a great many advantages associated with leather, especially when it is used for office seating. Not only are office chairs made of leather comfortably padded but they also benefit your hips and back. If you spend over a couple of hours per day at your desk, then you will like the type of comfort that this type of seating conveys. Plus, you can choose leather chairs in such frames as metal, wood, or plastic so you can stay within budget and still enjoy the advantages of leather seating.

Leather Is a Durable and Long-Lasting Fabric

You also have to consider the durability factor. Office chairs that are covered in vinyl or plastic materials tend to crack and wear down readily. Plus, some models feature a mesh that can sag over time. Not only is the look distracting but it also can lead to an uncomfortable seat.

That is why leather is a popular fabric. Leather is more durable and will last a good deal longer than a chair covered with vinyl or plastic. In fact, if you keep the leather well-maintained, it will maintain its pristine looks for a long time. Expand the longevity of the material by treating it with specialty oils so that it stays both malleable and soft.

A Stain-Resistant Material

You will also find that leather office chairs resist stains very well, which is important, especially if you drink coffee. So, if you eat or drink at your desk, you do not have to worry about spillages. If your chair is made of another fabric, you might end up with a stain that cannot be removed. After all, the last thing that you want is to have an unsightly stain marring the looks of your chair. Happily, when you spill food on a leather chair, you generally just need to wipe it off. So, leather can stand up to abuse well and will not absorb stains as other fabrics do.

An Excellent Return on Investment

As a result, your return on investment from choosing leather is excellent. You certainly cannot make the same claim when you choose a chair that displays a cheaper material. When it comes to buying an office chair, you need to regard it as a long-term investment. Otherwise, you may be wasting your money. After all, leather lasts three times longer than almost any other fabric so you will be paying much more over time if you choose a chair that is made from another type of material.


Get to know about the Forex brokers Australia

Well, you must know that forex trading is the popular one in Australia and the regulatory body as ASIC (Australian securities investment commission) is tasked with it for watching all the activities related to currency trading. Presently, it has also be confirmed that any entity which is providing the financial services to clients around must have their own Australian license. This is apart from the transactions that take place online. There are even zero exceptions to this rule and all the Forex brokers Australia who are even located overseas are required to have the license for providing service to residents of Australia.

Licensed forex brokers

However, the best one is those who are called popularly as the licensed AustraliaForex brokers. Due to high financial risks of the trading, every trader get encouraged for researching and forming their opinions before doing trading anywhere around, regardless of location. It is also suggested that everyone should choose the broker wisely. Select best Forex brokers Australia after extensive research only. They believe in giving the traders as much as their choices possibly when it comes on selecting the forex broker for trading. All brokers should meet well the criteria and all standards which should include the customer support, cost effectiveness, banking and more.

Different Trading platform

The Australia Forex brokers is even incorporated as well as regulated by the certain brand. They come with long list of their features which are offered as highest in industries. A good broker is also one which provides different trading platform from the web trader one to the industry standards type. The traders on go are also not left wanted as well and they have proved their worth as the best trading platform providers. They even offer the tight spread as well as fast executions. You can also outsource the 100 per cent first deposit bonuses from them with the excellent support.

The brokers are recommended highly for all the traders of all levels. Some of them even provide interesting offers of social trading wherein the trader allows watching and copying strategies used by other successful traders. They are also the one who are regulated with different jurisdictions and licensing authority. They provide the attractive bonuses, flexible leverages, tight spread of forex, lowest rates and others that are established as best platform for offering straight processing. Some of them can even enjoy the low deposit amount and get personal manager of account who is capable in guiding new traders and optimizing some of the new strategies of trading.

These Forex brokers assure every trader that if you are going to outsource their services, then you don’t have to stress over anything at all. These brokers help you in getting comfortable in their secure and safe trading environment. It is also worth noticing that attractive leverage is fetched by all traders around. For best experience of trading, make sure you get in touch with premium and supreme broker that can make your job much easier.


Call Forward and No Answer’ Is A Crucial Resolution for Small Businesses

Chances are that we have read about several facilities offered by answering services. But, a few of us know how to use answering services efficiently for small based industries. Numerous small industries use answering services to facilitate their customer’s call and streamline those calls during holidays, weekends or after work hour. With the help of call forwarding services, an industry could stay updated on their customer queries and help them accordingly. Manual help is crucial but people are people, they have physical and mental needs. Holding onto phone calls 24/7 is impossible, especially small businesses because they are financially shorthanded and cannot appoint a large crew to handle customer calls.

Instances like when the person who is appointed to resolve customer related issues fall sick, or maybe had an emergency, could not attend work on a particular day. Is your business ready to risk missed calls from the customers then? This is when call answering service make their grand entry. No small businesses or industries wish to miss opportunities when it is knocking their doors. Call forwarding service provider have made a full-pledge effort to professionally manage your time and money as well.

Several companies that provideansweringservice have the option of ‘call forward no answer’ option. ‘Call forward no answer’ is the term used for calls that are switched directly or automatically to a robotic answering machine. With the help of this machine, the call could be forwarded to your answering service or to your home or personal cell phone number. Considering this option for a small business will certainly lend a hand to grow your business. Moreover, it has several built-in characteristics that are mentioned below:

  • The facility of a call forward no answer service is flexible in nature.
  • You can actually increase the capacity of providing better service to the customers.
  • When the calls are streamlined or are forwarded to the right person at the right time then there is certainly an improvement in the response time on all the customer calls.
  • With planned and organised systematic work you and your team will have the benefit of tranquillity even during hectic call flows.
  • Last but not the least with the help of call forward no answer services your organisation will have a better responsive way of handling various operations and managing incoming calls.

Undertaking crucial measure for a small businesses or industries to create an impact on their customer definitely will help you flourish and establish a brand name within a short span of time. Act wisely, when it is the right time because companies providing call answering service is one of the most cost-effective and user-friendly feature.

Elements That Will Make You A Professional Construction Tender Writer

A tender is a competitive process via which governments and private corporations request formal offers for large projects. A construction tender is a bid for a large contract in the construction industry. A well written construction tender should focus on the buyer and focus on ways to achieve the objectives stated in the Request for Tender (RFT) documentation.

A construction tender is assessed by teams of evaluators whose job is to obtain the best value for money for the client. For this reason, information should be made easy to find and the value proposition of the bid should be clearly explained. Your construction tender should be structured in a way that makes information as easy to find as possible, with the use of subheadings, bullet points and line spacing to group information together and make it logical. This will minimise the effort it takes for evaluators to find relevant information, increasing your point score.

When writing a construction tender, you should assume that the buyer has no prior knowledge of your company. It should be your goal to convince the evaluators that your company is the best respondent to fulfil the contract, and to educate them about the services you provide. You should write about demonstrated experience and reference past projects using case studies that highlight your company’s relevant background.

Before commencing writing your construction tender, you should thoroughly research the buyer’s guidelines and objectives by studying the RFT and attending the briefing if there is one in scope. Once you understand what the construction tender is about, your goal is to convince the evaluators that you have considered the project carefully and have presented a solution which will achieve their stated outcomes.

Your tender response should include a methodology for the construction tender, outlining the manner in which the project will be delivered. You should also provide an estimated timeline for the project when writing a construction tender, ensuring that you are realistic when estimating the timeframes involved. An executive summary or a cover letter is also a good addition for a construction tender. These are for executives who may not have time to read the entire tender response.

A good construction tender uses factual writing and positions the client’s name before the respondent’s name in each sentence. This creates the sense that the tender is about the client rather than about the respondent. Each question should ideally have an introduction, a body and a conclusion. The introduction puts forward key points of the answer and contains the direct answer to the question. The body explains these aspects in detail and the conclusion sums up and repeats the take home messages for the evaluators.

To write a construction tender you need to have knowledge about tender writing rules and be familiar with industry terminology. A background in the construction industry would be an advantage, as would previous tender writing experience. If you are considering bidding on a construction tender, using a professional Tender Writer is a good investment. This will increase your chances of success while minimising the amount of work involved. Tenders A to Z has a proven track record in winning construction tenders. For more information about our services, visit and contact us today for a free quote.



The Chartered Institute of Marketing has been known as one of the best marketing institutes. The main aim is to provide quality marketing education to the candidates. The institute was founded in 1911. With passing time it gains more and more acknowledgment. Today, it is recognized as one of the leading marketing institutes.

Chartered Institute of Marketing commonly known as CMI is affiliated with the British Council. Thus, a CIM qualified person can get the job without any problem in the UK. Not only in the UK, the Instituteis recognized by the world as one of the best institutions.

The courses are designed after a lot of research. This helps in providing the latest education and helps in keeping pace with the trends in the market. Thus, you won’t lack behind any of the changes that are made in the market.

There are two main types of courses to choose from;

  • certificate in professional marketing
  • diploma in professional marketing

Each of them is divided into 3 modules. On completing any one module you will get awarded and on completion of all 3, you will get the full qualification.

If you are a professional marketer and looking to polish your capabilities then you should go for the diploma, but if you are a junior marketer then the certificate is what you need to start with.

Not only this, the institute provide you with flexible learning hours, So that, you can adjust the timings according to your busy schedule. In addition to this, you can also learn at your home by distance learning method.

Thus, the courses are designed in a way to benefit you in all possible ways.


Besides all this, there is a lot of advantage that a CIM qualification on your CV can provide you.


CIM is the worldwide recognized institution. Thus, a CV having a qualification of CIM can make you stand out than other candidates. Chances are that you get the job as well. Not only this, it also makes job hunting easier for its students.


The next benefit of studying in CIM is that it gives you a chance of managing your study times according to you schedule. Thus, you don’t need to manage two things at a time.


CIM helps you polish and improve your marketing skills. Thus, after completing your course you will feel and look more charismatic than you were before to the entrepreneurs.


According to a recent survey, it has been found that a CIM member earns more money on average than a nonmember.

Thus, being a member of CIM can help you boost your career in many ways. There is wide range of courses available for professionals at the different stage of their career. All you need to do is find the right course. However, at first, it seems difficult to find that as most people don’t know what level they are. Thus, to help you with that an entry level test is designed, which can help you choose.

5 Major Responsibilities Of A Store Manager

A store manager is a professional who is responsible for day-to-day management of a store. The salesperson and other employees of a retail store report to their store manager. Later, these managers report to the general manager of the store. This is how it works in a store, there are a lot of people who are looking out for store manager jobs in Mumbai. Are you one of them? Well, I am going to talk about the responsibilities you will be having and how to do it in an efficient way. Perhaps, I think you will also need to know what does it take to land a store manager job. Here you will get everything you need to land a job.

Educational Requirement

Having a bachelor’s degree or completion of courses like accounting, marketing, merchandising and other related specialization is a must to land a store manager job. Having work experience in sales related field is will help you to land a job in a reputed brand outlet.

Hiring And Training New Employees

Yes, store managers are responsible for hiring new employees in their store. In most of the stores training and development is also a part of the store manager’s job. As a store manager, you have to make sure that your employees are qualified and trained enough to make the store run at its optimal level.

Security Of The Store

The store manager is the point of contact in case of any emergency or work after or during business hours. Safety of the customers in the store is also one of the major duty of a store manager. To ensure the security and safety of the store and customers, they conduct meetings with employees and security staff.

 Meet The Sales Goal

You might be not aware of this, but yes, store managers also have a sales goal. There are monthly, quarterly or annual goals set for managers by the general managers or owner of the store. These goals are actually the overall sales of the store, so as a manager you need to encourage your employees to be more productive. Set an example for your subordinates to follow and achieve the target effectively.

Record Keeping

The job of keeping a track on how many products have been sold in this day/week/month is carried by a store manager. These professionals order goods in the store according to the need. Furthermore, the store managers are also responsible for paying for the goods which are ordered and maintaining that record.

Placing The Display Ads In the Store

Store managers are the one who handles and place promotional displays such as banners, standees, and TV ads in the store. So, having a good sense on displaying ads on appropriate places is a must.

Author Bio,

Hi, I am Deepak Panchal. I am passionate about writing blogs, lyrics, social media posts and articles. Currently working as a content writer at Aasaanjobs and focused on writing and learning more about worldwide recruitment scenario.

How to Reduce Your Site’s Bounce Rate

Visitors land on your web page. They browse through and leave. No clicks. They don’t visit the next page. It is either the visitor did not find what he/she was looking for or your web  page was not easy to use. And you ask “why do I have low conversion rate?” The right question should be “why is my bounce rate so high?” But wait a minute, what is bounce rate?

What Is Bounce Rate?

Simply put, bounce rate refers to the number of visitors who came to your webpage and left without viewing any other pages. It refers to the percentage of single page sessions on your website. It is an indication of your site’s stickiness. According to Google expert, Avanish Kaushik, bounce rate can be described as “I came”, I puked, I left”.

A lower bounce rate implies more engaged visitors which could potentially translate to conversions. So your next question is probably “how do I reduce my bounce rate?”. Good question. Here are a few ways to reduce bounce rate:

Craft Great, Compelling Content

Update your webpage with fresh and compelling content. You could use a few online tools to determine the bounce rate of your content. If you find out that a particular content has a high bounce you, here are a few things you could possibly do:

  • Update the article with new data, fresh facts, a few new illustrations and insights
  • Break long posts into shorter easy-to- read paragraphs with each paragraph containing just one idea. Or you turn the long posts into a series.
  • Use more of local content.

Improve On Content Readability

Focus on the following to improve content readability:

  • Font size and contrast- take note of the fact that most people access the internet from their mobile devices.
  • Use clear headings and subheadings.
  • Remove any tacky elements.
  • Provide links to any other related content on your webpage.

Create Call-To-Action Buttons That Are Clear And Compelling

No matter how amazing your website is, if it lacks a compelling call to action button, your efforts is blasted. Here is how to go about this:

  • Be clear about what actions you want the visitors to take.
  • Keep it to a minimum. Too many call-to-action buttons can be quite confusing.

Improve On Your Web Design

Ensure your website has a clear design that is easy to navigate. Remember, if your visitors cannot find what they are searching for, they won’t stay.

  • Ensure your webpage is attractive and easy to navigate.
  • It should be designed to adapt to any and every screen size and optimized for all devices.
  • Use different browsers to check your web page performance.
  • Ensure your pages load quickly. Nothing increases bounce rate as much as slow web pages.

Don’t Interfere With The UX

 Ensure you do not interrupt your users’ experience:

  • Avoid those annoying pop ups by all means.
  • Third party ads should open in a new window instead of taking your visitors off your site.
  • Avoid using auto play audios or videos.

Be Social

People tend to learn more about your brand from your social media page than by actually visiting your website. Ensure your website has a personal touch to it to show that its natural. Facebook and Twitter widgets that display your social media following make it easier for visitors to connect to your brand.

In all, the best ways to reduce bounce rate is by creating compelling contents that would engage your visitors and ensuring your web pages are attractive and easy to navigate. I hope the content of this article helps you to significantly reduce your bounce rate.



GST stands for “Goods and Services Tax”, and is proposed to be a comprehensive indirect tax levy on manufacture, sale and consumption of goods as well as services at the national level.

Simply put, goods and services tax is a tax levied on goods and services imposed at each point of sale or rendering of service. GST is an indirect tax in lieu of tax on goods (excise) and tax on service (service tax). The GST is just like State level VAT which is levied as tax on sale of goods. Goods and services tax (GST) will be a national level value added tax applicable on goods and services.

 According to the Task Force under the 13th Finance Commission, GST, as a well designed value added tax on all goods and services, is the most elegant method to eliminate distortions and to tax consumption.


The spread of Value Added Tax (VAT), also called Goods and Services Tax (GST) has been the most important development in taxation world over in the last half-century. Limited to less than ten countries in the late 1960s, it has now been implemented by over 160 countries worldwide; making it the world’s most commonly used tax.

In these countries, it typically accounts for one-fifth of the total tax revenue. The recognized capacity of VAT is to raise revenue in a neutral and transparent manner. At the same time as VAT was spreading across the world, international trade in goods and services was expanding rapidly as part of globalization developments and revolution.


A strong indirect tax system is fundamental to the development of a nation’s economy. In stepping up the tax effort in India, indirect taxes have played an increasingly important role. Presently, the contribution of Indirect Tax is about 68 percent of the total tax revenues of the Central Government Exhibition Booth Designer.

The term ‘indirect taxes’ generally refers to taxes levied on the basis of production, sale or purchase of goods such as import and export duties, excises, and sales taxes.

Indirect taxes include taxes levied on production of goods, rendering of services, entertainment taxes, electricity duties, tax on passenger fares and freights etc. They are called indirect taxes and can be passed on to someone else (e.g. customers) whereas direct taxes are supposed to be borne by those on whom they are levied. For the Central Government, Central Excise, Customs and Service Tax are the two main components of indirect taxes. For states, Value Added Tax (VAT) is the major indirect tax. Processing Time: It is important that the processing time of firms not be very long. Specialized firms can do the work in a very short amount of time. Thus, it saves the client company a lot of processing times to get the job done from a service provider Tax service.

Fraud Control: By outsourcing the work, fraud can be prevented from happening. Since all the work is done by an external service provider, fraud can be minimized.

High Accuracy: It is very relevant that a high level of accuracy is maintained by the payroll services from time to time. Such a degree of accuracy is not possible from elements from inside the firm.


Does Bitcoin Make Sense for International Money Transfer?

According to a research conducted at Cambridge University, there will 2.9 to 5.8 million users who will use encrypted digital currency, mostly bitcoins. Bitcoin is an encrypted digital currency that was invented in 2008 by a group of programmers. Today, most of the users consider bitcoin for international money transfer, especially in Australia.

The bitcoin transactions are verified by the network nodes and the records are maintained in decentralized record book known as blockchain. The bitcoin potential is evident from the fact that Forbes predicts 15% of the US banks will use blockchain technology by 2017. Bitcoin has various applications but bitcoin for international money transfer is considered as the most feasible aspect. Let us explore the possibilities of incorporating bitcoin for international money transfer.

Lower Transaction Costs

Bitcoin technology is basically known as a peer-to-peer payment system. Here, there is no need of an intermediary for the money transfer. This is contrary to the case of online remittance companies where you need a third-person to process the transaction. This results in paying a transaction fee. The bitcoin technology does not require a third-party intervention because it managed by the users itself. Hence, the users don’t need to pay any transaction fee.

Bitcoin for international money transfer does not require third-party intervention because the digital currency is in the encrypted format. Therefore, there is a reduced risk of theft and misuse. The transaction is broadcasted in the network of computers and finally, it is verified by the network nodes.

Freedom for Payments

The main reason for usage of bitcoin for international money transfer is that there are no restrictions on usage. Whether it’s a holiday or cross-border issues, bitcoin system is not bounded by any of these restrictions. You can use bitcoin for international money transfer from one corner of this world to another. As mentioned earlier, you are the only authority in this case. There is no other central authority that will control your block chain transactions.

Privacy of the Users

When you go to a bank or remittance company for money transfer, you are required to reveal your identity by submitting valid documents. Here, your personal identity is revealed. But when you use bitcoin for international money transfer, your personal identity is completely intact. Nobody can invade your personal privacy in block chain transactions. This means that your personal information cannot be stolen by unsocial elements.

But, the bitcoin transactions are visible to everyone. When you use bitcoin for international money transfer, other users can see the transaction but they will not be able to view your personal information. Apart from this, the transactions are safe and secure.

Bitcoin for International Money Transfer Roadblocks

Lack of Technical Knowledge and Outreach

Bitcoin is slowly gaining grounds but most of the people don’t prefer it because they don’t have prerequisite technical knowledge. The bitcoin payment system is dependent on technological advancement. But, most of the users in the world find it hard to implement this knowledge. Instead of using bitcoin for international money transfer, they prefer availing services of banks and online remittance companies.

The awareness about bitcoin for international money transfer is a major hurdle in the worldwide acceptance of bitcoin system. People are not aware of this technological advancement. Most interesting of all, developing countries like India has set up vigil on bitcoin transactions. Surprisingly, India even has websites to trade bitcoin. On the contrary, Australia has legalized bitcoins and can be used as an alternative for money. Citizens can start using it as money from 1st of July 2017.

The Developing Stage and Volatility

As bitcoin system is still in its infant stage, there is a room for a lot of improvisations. Work is going on for the development of tools and software that will further secure and enhance the bitcoin working system.

As the bitcoins are limited and the number of users increases every day, this payment environment is highly volatile. That’s why; many users are afraid of using bitcoin for international money transfer.

Not only for payments, but bitcoin is used for transferring digital documents as well. The immense potential of bitcoins makes it a deserving candidate for payment transactions. The users can opt bitcoin for international money transfer as it offers lucrative benefits. Countries like India and Australia are increasingly considering bitcoins for money transactions now. So, maybe in the future you can plan and transfer money from Australia to India using bitcoins.

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