How To Know The Best Framing Hammer

Apparently one of the most established instruments known to mankind is the hammer. It is an ancient invention that is still being used these days. Traditionally, the handle of the hammer is made out of wood attached through a hole in the head; allowing an easy changing if necessary.

Hammers today uses modern materials which are not detachable. There are many improvised versions in the market that comes with varying in shape, sizes and even weight. The different styles are made better with various purposes. With these different types of hammers, the framing hammer is the most common among the households.

What is a framing hammer?

A framing hammer is the typical household hammer that is usually used for framing wooden houses. It is the modified version of the claw hammer. The best framing hammer comes with a longer handle and much heavier. This type of hammer has a special feature that keeps the head from slipping when driving nails. Framing hammers typically made with waffled faces which keep a better grip on the nail head.

Testing the best framing hammer

Since framing hammers are the most common tool used for carpentry. It is much better to consider checking the materials the hammer made of. This is effective for safer and less shock pounding.

The face. The face of the hammer is an important factor to look at. It does all the work. It should be made of steel and should prevent slippage of the nails. The face should be rigid to do heavy pounding. This design is appropriate for heavy works. Look for framing hammers that comes with magnetic nail starter found at the top of the face. This is where the nail slides in until you are ready to swing.

The neck. Check the neck of the hammer. A best framing hammer must have the perfect balance between the face, the neck, and the handle. The hammer should have a tapered neck to an easier way of striking nails. Choose hammer with the narrow neck so that you can have the same weight as the claw and have the bigger face/bell for easier striking.

The Handle. A good handle is important. It drives the success of your hammer. You need to skeptically choose the right one. Handles made with wood has a great shock absorption that breaks over time. Fiberglass handles are more durable but less shock absorption. Lastly, the steel handles, these types are extremely durable and has a high-vibration and shock when pounding.

A framing hammer is typically used for renovations. If you are planning to have one, make sure to choose the one that functions well. Visit ‘forgardening’ to have a buyer’s guide on particular item.

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