Establishing The Brand: Why You Need A Logo

How often do you hop in the car to go on a search to explore new restaurants, clothing stores or electronics? When finding new locations what’s the first thing you notice about the business? If your saying to yourself “the logo” than your right on point. I believe this is no different when someone surfs the internet. The impact of a trending logo is just as important as the production that comes with what you offer.

Branding should be every business owner and entrepreneurs introduction point. Its almost close to shaking your customers hand without being present. The marketin of your business structure starts with what you choose to be the face of your business. Online businesses don’t have physical stores to walk into, so eye catching logos create awesome visualization. It’s like greeting someone after the first ten seconds of walking into your store.

Making great first impressions with your logo is imperative to the marketing and brand of your business. The objective is to make your brand stand apart from the competition. Three key points to keep in mind when creating your logo.

Make your logo flexible, you will need to use it on your websites and marketing materials.

Send the right message to your buyer personas.

Keep your logo simple and quickly recognizable.

Sending the right message to your audience indicates a sharp awareness of the branding purpose. This also communicates to needs and wants of your customers. Developing the longevity in the loyalty of your relationship with your customers can be difficult. 48% of consumers report that they most likely to become loyal to a brand during the first purchase of their experience.

Having a flexible logo for your brand is important. Studies prove customers expect their experience with a brand to be similar arcoss all platforms. Making sure your logo can be used on all platforms including your brand materials helps build the consistency of trust with your consumers.

Evoking positive emotions with your brand and logois potential power towards your customers making purchases. The energy your logo gives off will carry out this consistent emotion for the entirety of your business career. Keep in mind bright colors help emit a more positive effect on people’s perception about brands.

Taking the time to manifest your deepest sense of purpose into your brand may also resonate with your customers. A driven purpose for your product could be a life changing factor for one your customers. The connection with your logo and driven purpose will never be forgotten if your product performs above expectations.

The more your brand is developed around your customers needs and wants, more frequently they’ll choose you over the competition. Each purchasing customer should be treated like a form of investment. Everything it took to design and implement accountability for your brand should be consistent with every purchased product.

Consistently providing these experiences will act as huge investments for your brand. Remember to keep your logo simple, flexible, purposeful, bright and recognizable.

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