How to Use Construction Mortgage Loans To Finance A New Home Building Project

Construction mortgage loans are short term loans that finance the cost of erecting a new building. The construction loan is paid off once the building is complete. These loans are designed to cover only the cost of constructing a new building. The construction of the new building is usually paid from the proceeds of a usual mortgage loans.

Normally you are expected to pay interest for the duration of the construction stage. The balance of the loan is due when the construction is completed. the local government issues A certificate of occupancy After the completion of the balance of the loan. The certificate certifies that the building have met all the building and zoning laws and thus set to be occupied. Finding a construction mortgage loan on your own is not the right thing to do. OE Mortgage can help you.

Construction loans usually have a variable interest rate. The interest rate is seldom hinged to the prime rate or a similar short term interest rate. During the period of construction one only has to make interest payments. But If the land that the building is going to be built is owed by you in that case you can use the land as equity on the loan.

You can use a bridge loan to gather the funds for a down payment on your new home, If you are the owner of the home you are selling. A bridge loan is a temporary loan and it bridges the gap of the price of your new home and your new mortgage in cases where your current home has not been sold. Thus your current home is used to protect the bridge loan.

Construction Mortgage Loans

you and the building engineer will agree to a draw schedule when you collect a construction loan. the schedule of payments that the building engineer will receive is called a draw schedule. And it will be based on different stages of the building process.

The building of new homes is made possible through construction mortgage loans. There would not be adequate capital to fund new buildings without construction mortgage loans. The building industry is viable today is because of the construction mortgage loans. All you have to do to get construction mortgage loan is to consult your banker and also have your construction company draft out a loan plan for your project.

If you are interested in construction mortgage loan, visit the website of one of the construction mortgage lenders in Toronto, and file a request. But be cautious of websites where “Apply Now!” and “Obtain Pre-Approval!” are their main focus; it’s most likely that these lenders are after your contract in order for them to charge you ridiculous interest rates. Rather, go after construction mortgage lenders in Toronto that have taken time to include useful and helpful tips about construction financing, and the necessary requirements for application of the loan.


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