How to Find the Best Personal Accident Insurance Policy?

Finding the best Personal Accident Insurance Malaysia can be tricky. It is extremely important that you know what to look for in a policy so you can be sure that you are getting the best coverage for your needs. You’ll want to consider how much insurance coverage you need, who is covered, and what types of accidents are covered as well as exclusions.

What is Personal Accident Insurance?

Personal accident insurance provides financial protection against an exceptionally wide range of accidents and illnesses that may make it difficult or impossible to earn a living, including accidents caused by sports participation, service-related injuries and occupational disease.

Personal Accident Insurance Malaysia

The Best Personal Accident Insurance Policy

When you Buy Personal Accident Insurance Malaysia, it helps protect you from the possibility of a large financial loss if you suffer an injury or illness. The best personal accident insurance policies provide coverage for all types of accidental injuries, including injuries that are often excluded from other kinds of insurance such as slips and falls, dog bites and vehicle mishaps. You may also be able to purchase a policy that covers a wide range of diseases, such as cancer and heart problems.

Coverage Options

Personal accident insurance policies typically offer coverage for one or more medical conditions and all accidents related to those medical conditions. Some policies offer coverage for special types of accidents, such as sports participation-related injuries or occupational diseases.

Health Care Coverage

Some policies cover emergency health services following an accident, such as ambulance and overnight hospital stays. Other policies cover ongoing medical care, such as doctor visits, prescription drugs, tests and other treatments. Still other policies provide coverage for the cost of a funeral or similar expense.

Extras to Consider

What types of accidents are covered? A policy may cover any accident that is caused by a condition related to one of the covered health conditions, for example automobile accidents resulting from a heart condition or motorcycle mishaps due to cancer. Or it may include “all accidental”, which means that any accident can be claimed regardless of cause. Some policies even offer both options.

What is the policy’s maximum benefit? Policies typically offer a maximum benefit that pays out annually, although some policies cover one lump sum. One-time payments are usually tax free and can help you pay your bills while you are recovering from an accident or ill ness.

Who is covered? A policy may cover everyone in your household, including family members who don’t live with you, or just individuals who share a household with you. In most cases, children must be under 18 years old to be covered by an accident insurance policy. Some policies will also take care of pets that belong to the insured individuals.

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