5 Ways to Make Sure You Don’t Lose Money in Forex

Being the largest financial market all over the world, the forex market has traders ranging from beginners to well seasoned or experienced traders.

Having a non-stop trading session and low fees, the internet has made access to the financial market very easy thus resulting in forex traders entering the market fast, but swiftly quit after incurring losses and setbacks.

In the competitive world of forex trading, here are 5 recommendations to assist ambitious or beginners to gain profit or at least minimize losses.

a forex trading plan


Just though forex is simple to learn doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your homework. A trader’s success depends on his or her ability to learn about forex. While actual trading and experience provide most of the information you need, it is still important to know the basics and everything else that affects the currencies prices.

Learning the “game” in a never ending process because of factors that have an effect on the market continue to change. Worldwide events, laws and learning a very flexible market should be part of a trader’s assignment.

Having a trading plan helps screen potential good trades and helps minimize the risk involved. A clear objective of short or long term is an essential part of the research.

Locate a Trustworthy Broker

Because the forex market is less regulated than other marketplaces, it is not uncommon to do business with shady brokers. It is best to open an account with brokers that are members of the NFA or National Futures Association.

Also, don’t forget to check the features that a broker offers. It is best to know the leverage, deposits, commissions and how to withdraw your funds before you choose a broker. These are common mistakes that a beginner tends to ignore because of excitement.

In addition, check how easy it is to get in touch with your broker of choice. This is a huge plus in case you encounter something that needs to be cleared.

Make Use of a Demo Account

Most platforms now offer a demo account. This is a way for potential traders to get a feel of the interface and the market. There have been known issues where the trader makes mistakes that cost a huge amount of money simply because of familiarity issues on how things work. Starting with a demo account also allows the trader to practice trading and improve his skills before depositing real money.


Keep your trading account safe from losses


While the goal of forex trading is to make money, it is also critical to know how not to lose money. The use of effective money management practices is very important.

Having the knowledge when to accept losses is very important. Stick with your trading plan and don’t use your emotions. Use a Stop Loss to protect gains or minimize losses. Also, traders can use a maximum daily loss which prevents you from opening a new trade.

Understand the impact and treatment of taxes

To be prepared for tax season, it’s critical to know that you are required to pay taxes for trading forex. Get an accountant that you trust and is knowledgeable about tax laws to prevent future tax problems.

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