Why You Should Gain an Accredited Professional Qualification?

If you are hoping to get a job in a particular field, studying a course which has been accredited by a relevant body can certainly give you a step up.

You can start down the path to becoming ‘Chartered’ if you study such accredited courses by professional bodies. By being a member you give evidence of certain skills and knowledge. You are also able to use your title to gain professional recognition.

Within the 80 ‘Chartered’ professional institutions in the UK are areas such as Construction, Law, Journalism, Finance, Engineering, Health and, Personnel and Strategic Management and Leadership.

In almost all work areas professional bodies exist which provide vocational qualifications which are endorsed by employers, this helps you to reach the next step on the career ladder. By acquiring the right qualifications you are able to make yourself more attractive both to clients and to employers – this can result in being offered a better salary, getting a promotion or simply getting taken on by an employer in the first place.

Professional bodies are providing more and more study options. Formats include physical classrooms, online learning and blended learning where an online approach is complemented by physical workshops.

Professional Qualifications Offer a Variety of Benefits

Certainly, you need to invest time and effort into acquiring a professional qualification, however, the benefits are very well worthwhile.

1. You Make Yourself More Marketable

When you are looking for your next move up the career ladder, a qualification will go a long way in impressing employers. The recruitment world today is very competitive, in fact, one position can attract hundreds, or even thousands, or hopeful applicants. Having a professional qualification helps you to stand out from the crowd.

According to CMI, more than four in five managers note that they received increased professional recognition after acquiring a management qualification and that the majority of employers give preference to qualified managers during the recruitment selection process.

When you take a professional course you give evidence of your dedication to the industry and your desire to develop your skills – these are qualities which employers appreciate. Employers will make a connection between your Degree and your level of competency – it will give them assurance that you are up for the job.

International businesses also recognise qualifications which have been accredited by professional bodies, this will be of benefit if you have plans to work abroad. To a foreign recruiter, an applicant who has recognisable qualifications may be the preferred choice.

2. You Can Secure a Better Salary

According to research, people who have qualification will earn more throughout their career. Here is an example:

According to CMI, independent research has given evidence that an individual who has professional qualifications and membership will earn an extra £152,000 in the course of their career. In addition, the individual may see doors opened in their career due to being part of an extensive management community.

By having the specialist knowledge, you can set yourself up to earn more in your position.

3. Your Performance Will Be Improved

In many professions, you are required to have particular qualifications, this means that if you really want to have a career in that particular area you will need to get a course under your belt. Such a course will help you to improve the skills you already have, as well as providing you with new skills.

Professional training which is specialist, as opposed to a broad course, will give you a better focus on both the practice and the theory of your chosen industry. In addition, you will keep your skills and abilities sharp which will go a long way in satisfying your employer’s expectations of development.

When it comes to personal development and learning, taking professional training will give you the chance to see where your strengths and your weaknesses lie, as well as identify your goals.

If you have the desire to develop both in your professional role and as a person, to secure a better position and to take a few steps up the career ladder, your wisest move would be to study for a professional qualification.

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