SEO Tools: A Risk-Free Deal with keyword suggestion tools and more

Everyday more than 2 million people post content online be it websites or blog posts. With such cut throat competition how does one manage to get noticed by the search engines and then by the end user. The answer is simple and is called search engine optimization. In simpler terms we can say that this is a process of optimizing your online content so that it shows up in the top results of search engines. For the purpose of optimizing your site efficiently there are many professional seo software and tools available that make your task easier to a great extent by assisting you with the SEO campaigns.

An important aspect of any SEO campaign is the key word optimization as they can lead to both success and failure. Carefully researching and identifying the accurate keywords is essential to drive qualified traffic from various search engines to your website. Now doing this manually can be a time consuming and tedious job but using an online tool can be a life saver. A keyword tool suggestion offers many benefits like huge savings on cost and labour. Also with these tools one can do more precise targeting of keywords as per your campaign for better results. With access to more number of keyword suggestions the dependency on a few competitive once is reduced to a great extent. Like other tools these also have both free and paid versions available divided into two categories.  The first is the basic keyword research tools and the other is a competitor based keyword research tool. The later has been generally found to be more fruitful due to the fact that it helps you find profitable keywords. Implementing new strategies will be easier if one focuses on SEO principles. So, when a proper strategy is implemented that it will take care of necessary things needed in no time.

Best key word research tools

Some of the best key word research tools available are listed below.

  1. Google Keyword Planner: This is one of the most popular free tools and is directly integrated with Google Ad words. Therefore you need to have an ad words account to use it.
  2. SEMRUSH: This is one of the highly recommended tools that only gives keyword suggestions but also throws light on some of the other important details. This includes traffic stats, SEO reports and many more.
  3. LongTailPro: A cloud based software and helps you determine competitor keywords as well.
  4. KW Finder: It offers both free and paid plans and is dedicated to keyword research only.
  5. WordTracker: The software serves three important functions a key word tool, a link builder and a strategizer.

Some of the tools above like SEMRUSH facilitate you check competitor website traffic as well. This gives us a better insight on what is working for them and hence help us plan our SEO campaign accordingly. The keyword research tools are generally the heart of most SEO programs. Therefore choose your tool wisely to create an efficient SEO campaign.

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