Prefer a simple and effective design of foam board banner

You only have a very short time to attract the visitor’s eye and attention. It is therefore advisable to follow a few rules. You have to use different sizes, both for the title of the banner and for the message you want to pass on. Try foam board Australia not to exceed 4 lines of text and be as concise as possible.

Use an appropriate call for action

As you read above, a call-to-action button can noticeably improve the click rate but also the conversion rate. Place it after your message; use a color contrasting with the rest of your ad so that it can stand out from the rest of your banner.

Put your banner forward

As you have certainly noticed, cheap label stickers our eyes are often drawn to what is inside a frame. Indeed, the frame will allow highlighting your banner but also your message. If you’re using a white backdrop for your banner, place a thin, dark border around it to bring out your banner.

Coherence between the banner and your brand

Banner ads allow you to redirect a visitor to one of the pages of your choice. In this case, your visual must be consistent with the image of your brand and your graphic chart to avoid confusion. Take care not to get too far from the original colors of your site, to keep the same font in order to gain the trust of the visitor.

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Using images

Use relevant images to visually reinforce the message you want to convey. For that, it is necessary that your image is in adequacy with the product or the service which you want to put forward. The addition of images is essential because the visual enhances the typography and performance of your banner. Many websites offer free image banks that can be useful when creating your banner.

Target visitors

It is essential that the visitor understands at a glance the message you want to convey. For this, it is necessary to write one or more short and easily understandable texts. It is possible to tailor the speech to visitors based on the principle of remarketing after a visit to your site in the form of current promotion, price reminder or abandoned basket.

What color for your banner ad?

Choosing colors that match the page that will host your banner is essential. This will win the trust of the user. Nevertheless, your banner must also stand out from the rest of your site. For this, it must be visible. It is often advisable to run tests to refine and optimize the banner. Many sites created with WordPress use AB testing to measure the impact of different banners. Indeed, the AB testing will allow you to test different variants of the same banner and measure performance and profitability. In other words, this allows you to check which version triggers the most clicks, subscriptions, or purchases.

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