A Guide to Sourcing a Reliable Contract Cleaner for your Business

If you run a small retail outlet, for example, cleanliness and hygiene are essential at all times, and if you are in the storing or manufacturing business, a clean working environment is critical, as it is with just about any type of business. Modern rules and regulations reflect the need for a clean and safe working environment, and with modern cleaning contractors who are fully equipped to deal with anything, arranging regular cleaning services is no longer the hassle it once was.


This is the real issue with contract cleaning, and no matter what, the customer expects the service to be delivered according to the agreement. How does one ensure that the chosen contractor will be of such a calibre? If you are based in the UK, look for a cleaning contractor that is both CIS and CSCS registered, which will tell you that the contractor has passed a rigorous examination, and they would also have a very good name within the region they service. If you happen to reside in East Anglia, Shirley Shelley is a family owned business that has been providing commercial cleaning services for many years.

Adequate Resources

Commercial cleaners can become overstretched, as they take on new contracts all the time, and without a suitable infrastructure in place, this can result in a drop in performance. If a contractor has been in business for more than a few years, they would have several mobile cleaning units that are available 24/7, and with a fleet of modern vehicles that are fully equipped to deal with any form of industrial cleaning, as well as more general work.

Online Resources

The Internet helps us in many ways, and aside from sourcing the right cleaning contractor, you can maintain contact with them via their website, which allows you to make a sudden booking by simply filling in the online booking form, which empowers you to deal with any situation that might arise, and they happen to specialise in flood clear ups and storm damage clearance, should the need arise.

Contract Cleaning

It is preferable to have the cleaning carried out at suitable times and intervals, and the best way to ensure this is to take out a contract that encompasses all you need. Once you make contact with an online contractor, they would send a representative to your place of business, where you can both discuss your requirements. This is the best way to ensure ongoing service, and once the contractor knows exactly what you need, they can set their schedule accordingly. The contractor would assign a project manager to a new client, and from that time on, he or she is the person you would liaise with, and should you require any emergency work, this would be no problem.

Attention to Detail

Ideally, there would be no pre-set packages, and the contractor would look at your needs and base the program around that, and with attention to detail and a “can do” attitude, you won’t feel uncomfortable when pointing out small things that you wish them to include. As with any industry, the organisations that are customer focused are usually at the top of the tree, so to speak, and they would likely have an impressive list of companies on their books, with government agencies and multi-national corporations among them.

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