What are customer satisfaction surveys?

Conducting customer satisfaction surveys is a means of research for businesses. It helps them understand what their customers feel about their services and products by asking them different questions. It can prove to be very beneficial for the brand as it opens many ways for improvements along with other opportunities.

These surveys can take many forms. The type of survey a company uses depends upon the information they require. For example, if a brand is looking to introduce some new product or service, they can ask for customers’ suggestions through a feedback form. However, if they are looking to make improvements in already existing products, they can ask the customer to answer different questions or rate the products to find out what needs improvements and how.

There are five basic types of surveys.

  1. NPS surveys are used to measure customer loyalty.
  2. CSAT surveys to find out if a business meets a customer’s expectations.
  3. Post-purchase surveys to get feedback on a certain experience.
  4. Product development surveys to find out what a customer feels about a new product being launched.
  5. Usability services to get feedback from users of a website of online businesses.

A successful example of a customer satisfaction survey is the dqfansurvey, which is an online survey offered by Dairy Queen. They ask the user for their feedback through different questions and even offer rewards in return. This survey provides many benefits to the company, some of which are mentioned below.

Same approach was later picked up by the famous Sonic Drive-In food chain by the name of TalktoSonic offering free drinks to their customers

Benefits of customer surveys

In this article, we will explain to you how these customer satisfaction surveys can prove to be beneficial for your business.

Gathering feedback

The best benefit these surveys provide is that the company gathers a lot of feedback and suggestions from its customers. This feedback can serve a lot of purposes with the information that the company gets. For example, the company can solve accessibility problems with their products after finding places where people are having problems. It can improve the quality of a product which is facing a lot of complaints etc.

Understanding the customer perspective

Understanding what the customer thinks about the brand and products is essential for the development of a business. If you don’t get inside the head of your customer, you cannot understand what he expects from your company. This is very important to provide the customer with the best quality products and services and give them exactly what they need.

Prioritizing improvement areas

Once you get to know which products, services or processes need improvement, it becomes easy to make a prioritized list. This will decide which areas need the most work and which ones need it first. Doing so will make it easier to plan the improvement strategies and steps that will always keep you one step ahead.

Kroger stores do a very good job by taking the Krogerfeedback survey from their customers and find opportunities to improve their service and quality.

Analyze progress

Once you make a list of improvement milestones, analyzing the progress of your company becomes a piece of cake. Keeping track of all the development and progress is essential for any growing business. It allows an insight into the growth and helps the business owner understand the dynamics. This leads to a better understanding after which the progress increases as well.

Judging customer loyalty

Customer satisfaction surveys are the best way to judge your customers’ loyalty. First of all, the more customers are loyal, the more they will be interested in taking a feedback survey. Trends of the survey results can help identify the percentage of loyal customers that are buying and using your products.

These benefits of customer satisfaction surveys allow businesses to improve their products and services based on real-time customer experience. It helps the business grow faster and with better efficiency.

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