Why Companies Are Sourcing Their Manufacturing Services To 3rd Party Providers

Production is about having a step by step process, physical and hardware capacity to create something. Whether it’s food, machines, parts, electronics and many more. These capacities in production are not exclusive to any manufacturer, in fact, most of the parts or pieces today are made by the various manufacturer and even the assembly and done by a 3rd party manufacturer as well.

A mobile device, for example, is not just made in one place, in fact every part is made by various companies and the mobile device itself is assembled by a 3rd party provider, leaving the tech company (owner of the product) the responsibility of making the money roll and the intellectual property rights of the device (patents). This is not new, in fact, this is one of those business strategies that companies go for to save on costs. Here are some major reasons why companies opt for 3rd party providers.

No need to invest on a factory:

The greatest cost that companies will incur if they try to make their own products are when they put up a manufacturing plant. Where every raw materials are gathered and made. That has actually been done before, but because of creativity and discovery, they found out that sourcing these with 3rd party providers that already has all the tools to get it done is actually very cheap and pretty efficient. That is why most of the popular brands that you know today, already has their manufacturing sourced outside their country of origin (popularity in China and Vietnam) to save on labor and manufacturing costs.

Alternative Engineering

No need to hire more people to do the job:

One of the challenges in having a very own manufacturing plant aside from getting the space and the types of equipment is having more people to manage it as well. If you have your own manufacturer you don’t just deal with delays, production errors and malfunctioning machines. You also need to deal with the human factor that comes with it, that is why sourcing has been one of the popular and acceptable methods to date by various companies to relieve them of that headache.

It helps the make the product highly profitable:

If a company has an idea, a money to invest, a product that needs to be made, that company doesn’t need to invest in a manufacturing plant (space and machines) and people, because there are a ton of 3rd party manufacturers out there that can do whatever they want them to do. The process, assembly or both, these manufacturing plants can do everything. This is the reason why companies have a very high-profit margin with their products because they can keep the production cost low while keeping the retail price up.

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