Top Tips for Cannabis Job Interviews

The rise of the cannabis industry here in the USA over the last few years has been little short of exceptional. Many people have now called this age the “green rush” and there are now thousands of businesses who are on the lookout for new employees. Many of these businesses will be looking to start out for the first time due to the relaxation of laws in their state, while there will be others who are looking to expand their operations after their initial success. You can view the cannabis jobs that are available by visiting the jobs area of

But, if you are lucky enough to land an interview, what would be our advice for you in order to shine at interview?

Dress Appropriately

We would recommend that you dress smartly, not necessarily in a shirt and tie, but an outfit which shows you look professional and smart. You can look at the dress code of the place you are looking to apply for by visiting their website, and maybe browsing on their social media. It is important not to over or under dress, so make sure you play it safe.

Brush up on the Basics

If you are looking to be hired as a budtender for example, make sure you know the genetics of some of the dispensary’s best-selling products. This can include taste, look and medicinal effect. When asked a question relating to the genetics of a strain, maybe try and freestyle another strain to show that you have a good depth of knowledge.

Optimize your Resume

Employers will look at hundreds of resumes, and if yours doesn’t stand out, you will probably not get a reply. We feel that a resume should reflect your personality, and in this modern and forward thinking industry, a traditional approach is not recommended. Make sure you note all your experience accurately and truthfully, as employers in the cannabis industry are more likely to do their due diligence because of all the legal regulations in the industry compared to others.

Don’t Discuss Your Own Usage

If you use cannabis on a regular basis, keep your own usage to yourself. It is common for employers to hire individuals who don’t actively use cannabis, as long as they have a good grasp of the basics. This is especially true if the employer had a bad experience of an employee stealing cannabis for their own usage. If you do want to discuss your usage, make sure you only speak about the strains benefits rather than detailing how much you enjoyed it.

You can search for jobs near you using the cannabis jobs near me tool on Good luck.

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