5 Ways a Digital Receptionist Can Help Transform the Front Office

A modern office is a space that takes advantage of new technologies to improve its operations, such as in the front desk. Among others, this is possible through the use of a digital receptionist. It automates the acceptance of visitors in the office and will also double as an esignature app. This can improve your front office in more ways than one, such as through the ways that are mentioned in the rest of this post.

No Human Intervention

One of the best things about using check in apps for business, such as Greetly, is the fact that it gets rid of human intervention. This is because there will be no more staff to man the front desk. Instead, it will be replaced by digital technology. What this means for the organization is that it can incur significant savings. There is no need to have a full-time employee to establish a reception area that will create a positive impression.

Speeds Up Check-in

When visitors are checking in, they hate it when they have to wait for a long time. With this, a digital receptionist can extend a helping hand. It is created to make the entire process a breeze. Before, things have to be done manually. They have to use pen and paper for manually logging their details. The receptionist will also have to input the information manually. With a digital receptionist, on the other hand, things are automated, including the retrieval of signature and photo. This will cut down the waiting time in the front office.

Register in Advance

When creating a strong brand, visitor experience needs emphasis. With this, a digital receptionist can help because it allows guests to register in advance. Once they reach the office, their details are already logged in. Depending on the requirements of the system, the only thing that needs to be done is to capture their photo and signature. This way, they also do not have to be kept waiting in the lobby and they can go directly to the person they wish to visit.

Improves Security

Criminal activities can be deterred with the help of a digital receptionist. Those who wish to do something bad will be discouraged from doing so because they know that their pictures will be captured, and hence, they can be easily identified. The software can also identify persons on interest, and they can be blocked from entering the facility.

Establishes a Good Impression

If there is one thing that sums up the things mentioned above, it is the fact that a digital receptionist allows the business to leave a positive and lasting impression. It shows how the business is tech-savvy and how it is willing to do what it takes to provide an exceptional experience to the office guests.

In sum, the digital receptionist is an investment that offices need to transform the front desk. It speeds up the process of checking in, removes human intervention, and establishes a good first impression, among other things.

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