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Why buy gold if you know how to dupe it? Why have your character powerleveled when you can level faster knowing the right exploits? Why read official guides that are censored by the publishers when you can get real insider information? Why settle for being jealous of the elite on your server when you can catch up - even without a guild?

Strategy Freaks shows you how to get there. Paid moderators that research, test, organize, and post content, maintain a high quality level of information and assure constant updates to strategies and exploits. Our MMO experienced community doesn't bow to the rules and limitations of games, but regards them as a challenge. If someone sets a powerleveling record - we beat it. A currency farmer that outperforms everyone else - not for long. A GM that says it cannot be done - we'll prove him wrong.

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News and announcements:

8 Year Anniversary Coming Up
by Lakshmi on March 27, 2014

Time flies: nears its 8th birthday! Thousands of threads have since then seen the light of day, countless exploits were put into action and we're still around for any new MMORPGs that show up. This year that'll be Elder Scrolls Online, Wildstar and (another!) World of Warcraft expansion, Warlords of Draenor. Look forward to lucky draws, gold give-aways and awards for our longest standing members. Details to follow soon.

Elder Scrolls Online Update
by Lakshmi on March 27, 2014

Everybody at Strategy Freaks has been hard at work to discover the best short cuts in The Elder Scrolls Online. As of today we have more than 40 threads in our 'confirmed' ESO section. As it looks now, we should have a number of members being able to hit level 50 during the game's early access phase (and before it even launches officially on April 4th!). Of course it's not sure yet how long these loopholes will stay open - so better apply them now than later. Nerfed already? Keep following our ESO forums to see when new ones get discovered.

Star Wars: The Old Republic
by Lakshmi on November 30, 2011

While everyone else was busy watching in-game videos in the last few beta events of SWTOR, our members went out to do what beta tests were meant for: Find bugs. And what they found, was astonishing. While the game and its voice acting is polished, there's plenty of loop holes that seemed to not have been discovered (or fixed yet!) yet by Bioware. Take our wonderful exploit tour through the galaxy, not a long time ago or far away, but right here and right now!

Final Fantasy XIV Content
by Lakshmi on August 24, 2010

Well, only one more month to go for the release of Final Fantasy 14 (the early access that is). It's somewhat surprising that the game only gathered limited steam, though that in parts seems also to the limited press coverage it's getting. Despite of quite a presence at the E3, the attention they got fell significantly short of what such an epic title would deserve. Does this mean the game is doomed to a niche console existence? Let's hope not, because we are currently busy putting the most useful exploits, guides and bots together (that's what betas are for, right?).

by Lakshmi on May 12, 2010

Final Fantasy XIV didn't have a release date announced yet, but we are already busy gathering sources for the game. Considering the tremendous success of its predecessor, it's fair to assume that we'll see an equally well-received release for the second MMO release in the Final Fantasy series. In case you are in on the testing, please feel free to use our content submission for any early-version guides, exploits and bots to get an extra 2 (!) free years of subscription to the site.

WoW Cataclysm Beta
by Lakshmi on April 20, 2010

With the first beta of the World of Warcraft expansion cataclysm just around the corner, we're busy pulling strings to get our hands on the no-no goods and secure some exclusive content, strategies, guides and potentially even the one or other exploit that doesn't get fixed by release. Keep an eye on our WoW forums in the coming weeks to make sure you don't miss out on the latest and most cutting-edge insider content for World of Warcraft.

Looking for new moderators
by Lakshmi on April 20, 2010

Strategy Freaks currently has new paid moderator position openings. If you enjoy discovering new exploits, have a passion for writing guides, or got a good hand when it comes to putting bots together - then send us a message using the 'contact us' link in the menu above. Not a writer, programmer or technically well versed? No need to give up - we also have an opening for a moderator for typical 'forum duties' (moving threads, verifying content...). We're looking forward to hear from you!

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