Subdividing Land for Sale – A Few Helpful Tips

If you’re looking at buying a large block of land with the aim of subdividing it, perhaps keeping one block for yourself and selling the other, there are sure to be a few challenges that you will face. This isn’t to say that buying a block to subdivide is a poor choice, though as many people have realised, you need to go about things the right way, including choosing the right residential surveying team to assist you. What follows are a few helpful tips to help you make the right choices.

Council Regulations

Wherever in Australia you buy land you will have a number of council regulations to deal with and adhere to, which is one of many reasons why choosing the right surveying company, like Horizon Surveyors, is so very important. Some of the council regulations that you will need to take into consideration include:

  • Driveways – As both plots of land require an individual driveway (sharing isn’t an option) you need to make sure that the block of land that you buy is large enough and offers the right layout to enable you to develop two driveways. Depending on the local council and their requirements, each driveway should be 2.5 to 3.5 metres wide, so allow for this.
  • Curb and Guttering – If you subdivide and sell a block of land, it must have a curb and guttering that meets council regulations. If there isn’t an existing curb and guttering, you will need to pay to have this developed. As the cost of such a project could run into the tens of thousands of dollars, you must make sure this will still be cost-effective. Ask the surveyor about important considerations like this.
  • Block Size – Blocks of residential land for subdivision should be at least 700m2, though this may differ from council to council, as some have larger minimum block sizes. As the minimum for a plot of land is 300m2 for flat block of land and slightly more for sloped blocks, you will need to ensure the block you buy offers adequate usable land while adhering to local council regulations.

These are just three of the many challenges you’ll need to navigate when subdividing, so make sure you have the right surveyor in your corner, one with direct experience in residential subdivision services, preferably in that local area so they have solid knowledge of the local property market.

Surveying Services

There are sure to be a number of suitable surveying companies in your area, so making sure that you hire the right surveyor to help you with your subdivision project is important. Some of the things to look for include:

  • Local Experience – Local surveyors will have experience with the local council’s regulations.
  • Subdivision Experience – Direct experience with residential subdivisions is a must.
  • Competitive Rates – Source at least several quotes from local surveyors to compare.

When you have the right surveying team to assist you with your project, you can rest assured that you’ll be making the right decisions about the property you buy and how you subdivide it.

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