Why it Makes Perfect Sense to Outsource Project Drawings

Outsourcing has rapidly become the norm for many industries, and it all began a few decades ago, when a global recession caused massive downsizing, with entire departments eliminated, in an effort to reduce outgoings and survive the recession. The downsizing process might have resulted in many job losses, but it also created new service industries, as these essential services were still required, and specialised companies emerged.

Range of Industries

Outsourcing is a common business practice in just about every industry, and that includes architectural drawings, which can be outsourced to a single company, who can provide state of the art drawings for all stages of a development, from architectural drawings to interior 3D rendering. The demand for this kind of service has made architectural CAD outsourcing a competitive business, and with online solutions, it is not difficult to locate such a company.

One Stop Solutions

There are many types of drawings required to build any structure, and if you are talking about a large project, the drawings would cover every aspect, and with both interior and exterior design, computer programs can 3D render, to give you a virtual feel of the concept, while it is still in the planning stage. The plumbing requires detailed plans, as does the electrical supply, and let us not forget fire and safety, which is essential. Any project manager would be happy to source a third party company that would handle all of the project drawings, and by using an experienced organisation with an impressive list of clients, you can be sure the service will be top notch.

Cost Effective

The only alternative to outsourcing the entire architectural service is hiring a freelance architect, and with the best will in the world, he or she would not be able to compete price wise. Years ago, large scale developers had their own architectural department, but the cost of running an in-house team would be impractical, especially as you can simply outsource the work to a reputable company.

The Latest Technology

Computers enable us to create 3D simulations of what a structure will look like, both inside and out, and this allows you to sample the design concept in a way that would not have been possible a few years ago. If a developer wishes to show their client the design, 3D rendering is ideal, as it almost puts you inside the actual structure, and your client will be able to experience the concept without physically constructing a model.

Building Information Modelling

BIM, as it is known, can create 3D exterior or interior simulations that will ensure there are no clashes, and help the various trades to carry out their respective tasks. This takes drawings to a new level, and after all, it can be difficult for some people to visualize a two dimensional drawing, and by using AutoCAD or REVIT, one can add that vital 3rd dimension and really get the feel of the design.

Outsourcing your architectural needs allows you to focus on other aspects of the project, and with the right company, your drawings will always be ready on schedule.


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