How Other Countries Farming Techniques Are Better – Cultivation Techniques

Rice is an important food grain which is used almost all people in the world. It is used in different parts of the world in different forms. Rice is first found in the ancient China and Asian continents. Particularly, in India rice is the majority food grain for the people. In India, people in southern part of India use rice for their daily use. Similarly, in China majority of people use rice for their food needs. People cook this rice and take this as their daily food.

As rice is this much important, different countries use different rice cultivation methods. The cultivation method of rice differs from country to country. This is because the environment and the requirements needed for cultivating rice also differ from place to place. That is, the soil type, water, cultivating methods has to done as per the country. Therefore, every country uses its own method for cultivating rice.

Mostly, rice grains are cultivated by rice exporters and exported to all parts of the world.

Rice cultivation in India

In India, rice cultivation is the major occupation and it is done through several methods. Generally, from the ancient days, rice is cultivated through plowing the land and the seeds are cultivated. Also, rice grains are cultivated as season wise. That is, a special type of rice grains is cultivated in specific season only. Before rice is cultivated, the farmers test the condition of the soil. This is to test whether the soil is in the best condition or not for growing the crop.

Preparing the land involves harrowing and plowing to dig it and mix well the soil. This is like fertilizing the soil and it allows seeds to be planted at the correct depth and also helps with weed control.

Cultivation techniques

For rice cultivation, different cultivating techniques are used. In earlier days, animals are used for cultivating. Human beings are involved in cultivating rice grains starting from the beginning to ending.

As technology developed, new techniques are introduced in agriculture also. Innovative machines and equipment are used for farming.

Organic Farming

It is an agricultural method which is commonly used by many countries for rice cultivation. It uses the following techniques

  • Crop Rotation – It is a technique which is used to grow different kinds of rice crops in an area, according to different seasons in a continuous manner.
  • Green Manure – It refers to dying plants which are stuffed and uprooted into the soil in order to make them as a nutrient for the soil to improve its quality
  • Biological Pest Control – This method make use of living organisms in the form of control pests with or without the use of chemicals.
  • Compost – Highly rich in nutrients, this is a recycled organic matter used as a fertilizer in the agricultural farms

All the above methods will result in high crop production. But, using these methods depends on the type of soil, environment and the type of crop. These things are to be checked before cultivating rice crops.

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