Work from home is very different from Telecommuting or Teleworking arrangement, because it mainly involves working from home and it does not require face to face contact between the employer and the employee. The employee does not have to stay electronically connected to the work station during the working hours, because the work is generally done independently and it does not require consistent communication. Work from home has become increasingly favorable among house wives and mothers at home because of the freedom and flexibility that comes from remote working. This article will focus on the five great companies for work from home writing jobs.

Kelly services

Kelly services is an international staffing company  leader for more than 50 years, its employees work from home locations around the country in a remarkable variety of job fields. Kelly Services is hiring freelance writers with expertise in for technical writing, product content development, healthcare engineering and training and test procedures, among other subjects. In most cases this freelance writes can either apply for the jobs or Kelly services can outsource them fromfreelance writing sites like contentmart.com.It has been named as one of Flex Jobs’ Top Companies for work from home Jobs in 2014, Kelly Services employs both part-time and full-time employees.


About.com hires writers to work from home or other remote locations covering a wide range of subjects for a readership and over 40 million different audience a month, it is located in New York city, About.com hire writers who have expertise and experience in a particular subject area, as well as writers who are general freelancers and can cover a wide range of topics, from education, business, housekeeping, health to business and finance. The current writing job positions at About.com are all work from home jobs that are offered as freelance, full time and part-time positions.


Amazon.com is the world’s biggest online vendor, Amazon now also produces consumer electronics, clothes, shoes and it is a major service provider of cloud computing services. Amazon is working on expanding its business and to stay competitive in the market, so they’re likely to hire many work-from-home employees.Amazon.com mostly would hire freelance writers who can write a wide range of topics for their business, product marketing, product reviews, finance and many more. In most cases their work from home jobs would be part time and they tend to outsource writers from other online writing sites that connect freelance writers to clients like contentmart.com.


Lovetoknow has its headquarters in Burlingame, California, and it hires writers who can provide content on tourism, fashion, business, beauty, health, entertainment, lifestyle, travel, personal finance and other wide range of general topics. Lovetoknow operates a website and is looking for skilled and experienced freelance writers who can provide available web content that readers can use in their day to day lives. Lovetoknow is currently hiring remote, part-time freelance writer and editors to cover the hair industry, pregnancy, fashion and beauty, cruising and travel.


Teletech is international company that is helping other companies to grow through simplifying and personalizing their relations with customers. Teletech covers many different industries, so they hire many remote employees to work both part time and full time. According to FlexJobs’s data, Teletech hired more work from home employees than other companies in 2015.

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