5 Reasons Why a Virtual Office is the Right Choice for Your Startup

Over the last five years, coworking spaces have become increasingly common. They were introduced to the mainstream by big tech companies like Google and Microsoft, who used their relaxed, open plan offices as a clever branding tool. It is why many people now picture bright walls, ping pong tables, and bean bag sofas when they imagine virtual offices.

They are not always far from the truth. Co-working spaces benefit from a much greater degree of flexibility, and they are designed to host large numbers. So, mixing things up – bean bags and computer chairs, foosball tables, and conference rooms – is an excellent way to fulfil a broad range of needs. In Hong Kong, they are very popular with start-up companies, because the ‘all in one’ package equals minimal overheads.

Keep reading for more reasons why a virtual office could be the ideal solution for your Hong Kong startup.

You Can Afford It

Check out www.servcorp.com.hk/en/virtual-offices/ for some examples of what flexible, virtual office spaces have to offer young companies. As well as being packed with tools and resources, they are a much easier way to infiltrate high profile business districts. Rather than starting out in an unpromising location, these facilities combine world-class suites with affordable rates, so that a prime corporate address is possible from the outset.

Growth Is Always Possible

Co-working environments try to put as few restrictions on tenants as possible because they know that flexible workers appreciate security without commitment. It does not always make sense, as a young venture, to agree to a long-term lease. You might want to expand fast if market conditions are right in a year. On the other hand, the only way to know is to wait and find out first, and virtual offices support this kind of speculative growth plan.

They Have It All

The best thing about virtual offices is that they have an army of providers, all working to meet tenant needs; often before tenants have even realised there is a need. Aside from the basic resources like high-speed internet, comfortable furniture, conference rooms, and telephone lines, many facilities host pitch nights, provide IT support, and more. Don’t forget the little things like spare laptop chargers, headphones, and stationary too.

Networking is Natural

In some parts of the world, like Hong Kong and other regions of Asia, it can be hard to make connections. If you are a foreign manager and new to the region, it will feel frustrating at first, because the culture is built on personal associations. It is why co-working spaces are highly recommended. They make networking natural because discussion and chat are inevitable in a space where many creative minds are working.

The Overheads Are Low

It takes a lot of time and money to set up a business. Even if the ideas are flowing and the strategy is in place, you need a fully equipped office before starting out. The process is usually slow and results in substantial downtime and missed opportunities. That is unless you skip the complications and move right into a ‘pay as you go’ virtual workspace. All you have to do is sign up, agree on a rate, and access a whole suite of corporate tools whenever you like.

Why a Great Office is the Key to a Secure Future

For many start-ups and smaller ventures, it is natural to launch from a home base in a garage, bedroom or residential office. Mobile technologies mean that running a business is more than possible from this kind of environment. However, if you want to take the company to another level, you need an official corporate address. With a virtual office, you can retain a substantial amount of freedom and reap the benefits of a professional workspace.

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