Why is time tracking important? How does it help?

For an employer, it makes it easier to track the work hours of an employee that helps in planning the resources required to finish that job, in checking the number of hours wasted on job, to check efficiency of an employee, to process payroll etc. For an employee, more time can be spent on work rather than logging the work hours which will result in more efficiency and relaxation that they will get paid for every minute they work, they can access their pay slips, update the tracker from anywhere etc. Basically, it helps in saving time and money. This will save the employees from spending time on tracking time and rather work can be done. Also would be helpful to employees who work from home or sales personnel who cannot make it to office every day and need to make it to office every day just to track their work hours! Get the clock in and out app now.

Online Get Cheap Free Time Clock uses onlineDefine time tracking: The process of time tracking is of utmost importance as it gives you an idea of how your organization is functioning. So, first you need to understand that time tracking isn’t just about employee clock in and clock out time but a tool to see how the activities are being done in your company, which tasks take more time, where time and effort is going waste and thereby, you get to know how you can create a better management system. Thus, time tracking is necessary for the smooth and effective running of your company. So, lay down certain rules regarding the time tracking. For example, that the employees need to track time every day, that they can take short breaks which lasts lesser than 15 minutes and that these need not be tracked and so on. If certain employees are expected to make calls to clients after office hours or they work even at home, there should be provision to record these as well. Thus, having clear rules as to how and which time to be tracked and which not to, will avoid confusion.

Evaluation tool: Once managers know how an employee works and how a project is handled by a team, it will be easy for them to analyze their work. This will help many employees get the promotion they deserve. When you demonstrate how time tracking can help in promotion and getting increased allowances, employees will be enthusiastic about using time tracking.

Trim Costs: Organizations are always looking at trimming costs as a means to reduce their budgetary needs. By understanding the workflow of the department or business, it makes it easier for them to understand where the inefficiency lies and helping them to correct it by cutting on wasted costs. Get the clock in and out app now.

Employee Benefits: It’s benefits for the employee include setting clear objectives, stay aligned and complete goals, improve the time taken to complete a task, create daily routines and habits, knowing the purpose of the task which increases the engagement get paid fairly once you know your efficiency, and provide proof for unreasonable demand on the work done by him .This can be helpful during pay hike and bonus cycles also.

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