How Different Customers Are Benefiting From Co-Location?

Co-location has been a winning strategy for a number of organisations. This approach consists of using a resilient data centre to house critical equipment. This data centre is then equipped with connectivity, cooling and power. Co-location has benefited many different types of corporations who decided to give offsite co-location a try to address their business needs.

Co-Location In The Context Of A Business Continuity Plan

Many organisations who operate from a location in central London choose to use co-location as a part of their business continuity plan because they need to keep their critical DR servers in a secure location. A product called, London Edge data centre is a logical choice since it is outside of London while being easy to access.   If a customer requires backup services, the Dell EqualLogic storage arrays would be a perfect fit for this customer. They will be able to restore all their data if their hardware in London is damaged or inaccessible. All their valuable data is stored on hardware kept on a rack of the data centre, some of these being in counties around the UK, including Hampshire. Many hosting companies offer suites for each customer for a convenient co-location experience.

Co-Location And Proof Of Concept Laboratory

If you’re a business that offers Proof of Concept (PoC) laboratory services. This requires a significant amount of rack space since they test different types of apps and hardware for major customers from everywhere around the globe. They have been using co-location services to recreate a global live environment so they can thoroughly test apps, hardware and software and make sure these products are ready to be released. Co-location services allow them to make sure they are delivering a high-quality product and to follow precise testing procedures.

Co-Location And Managed I.T. Services

Organisations that rely on cloud computing to offer managed I.T. services,  use co-location so that their customers have access to a secure and reliable cloud service. The data centre includes several onsite generators, cooling systems, resilient Internet connection and UPS systems. Most of them can guarantee 99.999% uptime, which allows this customer to offer a high-quality cloud computing service to their own customers. Their apps and services are available at all times thanks to the data centre and the customer doesn’t have to directly purchase or manage the hardware required to offer a cloud computing service.

These are only three of examples of how Co-Location can work for different organisations. There are many other uses for co-location and businesses can benefit from this approach in several ways.

Co-location can be a part of your Business Continuity Plan or allow you to offer your own cloud computing services. You can rely on co-location if you need to offer a proof of concept lab testing service or need a fundamental building block for another type of business proposition that relies on tech.

Co-Location offers a comprehensive service by providing space, cooling, power, connectivity and reliability. The data, services and high bandwidth are available at all time and a team of professional on-site engineers who can offer help when you need it.

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