Recruitment Process Outsourcing: Busting the Common Myths

Like all good things in the world, recruitment process outsourcing or RPOis also subjected to a lot of myths. There are many misconceptions about recruitment process outsourcing RPO providers and solutions that prevail throughout the industry. Being a dynamic and growing industry that offers tailor made solution to the clients, it is obvious to come across avariety of challenges and misconceptions. However, the most common myths about recruitment process outsourcing hinder your hunt of a right recruitment process outsourcing firm and bars you from getting help from the right solutions.

A right recruitment process outsourcing firm can simplify the recruitment procedure. Here are some myths that are getting in the way of finding one.

Myth #1

No Direct Control

The recruitment process is one of the most crucial operations for any organisation. And one of the major factors for any organisation is control. It is a commonly believed myth that if you outsource the recruiting process to an RPO firm, you will not have full control over the recruiting process. The truth, however, is completely different. Although you are entrusting your recruiting procedure to another firm, you do not lose the control but streamline the procedure.  But to maintain the right level of control over the process, you need to select the right RPO provider.

Process Outsourcing

Myth #2

It is Very Expensive

Another most widely accepted myth is that hiring an RPO firm for your recruiting process is expensive and requires a heavy investment. But on the contrary, a right RPO solution helps you to reduce recruiting cost. This is because an RPO provider helps in minimising the hiring time and accelerating the sourcing time. They also help is searching the right candidates for the job which means you will not have to go through unnecessary job applications. Thus, an efficient RPO firm lowers your turnover and enhances the effectiveness of the process. A good recruiting process outsourcing firm not only offers reasonable pricing but also fetches a real value for every penny spent.

Myth #3

RPO Solutions are for Large Organisations

As discussed in the previous myth, RPO is believed to be expensive and SMEs write it off to be services that can be used only by industry giants. Out of all the advantages that RPO solutions offer customisation is the one that makes it fit for both large organisations and SMEs. As RPO providers tailor their services as to meet the needs of their client, SMEs can get the benefit of RPO solutions that not only fits their budget but also suits the needs of this demography.

Myth #4

It is Win-Lose Situation

Organisations often have a misconception that RPO is a scam game where the RPO firms win the profits and businesses lose investment. This is just a myth. In reality, a good recruitment process outsourcing firm offers strategically designed solutions that are effectively implemented to help both businesses and candidates. Thus, it is a win-win situation for all the parties involved. By enhancing the experience of candidates, RPO firms also help business to build positive image when it comes to recruitment.

These are some of the common myths that block the decision-making process of organisations when it comes to hiring an RPO firm. By thinking ahead of these myths, companies can build a powerful relationship with RPO firm that strengthens their future recruitment.

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