Why custom printed tape is an important asset for your company

Custom printed packaging tape is a product many companies are looking into using. No matter what kind of products they are shipping, it is always best to have your logo appear on your packages. The benefits organizations get out of custom printed tape far exceed the actual cost of the product. If you are looking for an economical way to reduce pilferage or people tampering with your package, custom printed tape will allow these rates to decrease.

This is the case because when you use clear tape, it can be very easily sealed on the package without it being too obvious. But once companies use tape that has their visuals on it, first of all no one outside your company will have access to your tape. As soon as another kind of tape is placed on top of your package, it would be really obvious something happened to it. It would be advised to then open the box to see if all the contents ordered are still there before signing for it.

When a customer orders a package or a shipment from you, they are clearly looking forward to receiving it. But the first thing they will notice when your product(s) do come in is the package. It is up to you to determine whether or not you want this experience to be memorable for them and to which degree. When executed right, your custom printed tape can have a huge impact on the customer they might even start talking about it to their friends and family. This will allow your brand to have an edge over competition by being top of mind and looking more professional in the eyes of customers.

When you are considering a purchase in custom packages but not sure which one to use, custom printed boxes or tape, if you are looking at cost alone, custom tape is more economical and offers all of the benefits mentioned above. Boxes will be bulky and take up a lot of space in inventory. In addition, someone within your company would have to keep checking to see whether or not there are enough boxes in each size and that can take some time depending on how organized your inventory is. As for tape, it only comes in rolls and a standard size depending on your organization’s needs.

An important thing to think about is if you tend to under stuff or overstuff your boxes. The only time you would need different size tapes for these two situations. When overstuffing, it is important to use a wider tape such as 3 inches. This will stick better in transit and will not allow the tape to slowly unbind due to pressure. The best solution for under stuffing is to use a box that is a more appropriate size.

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