Five Ways To Effectively Boost Your Landing Page Conversion Rate

A competitive and a very good marketer constantly aims to increase their client’s lead generation behind all the ominous stack of tasks that are frequently making them busy the entire time. Whether you are running a business or planning for one, or you are a marketing manager who wants to get the attention of your boss with a good lead conversion, you should know that it all starts by mastering the design of your landing page.

In case you are a rookie to inbound marketing strategy, a landing page in a website is where a site visitor technically lands after clicking on a link or typing it in their smartphones or computers, and take note of this, there are several types of landing pages that are created differently that also supports different types of inbound marketing strategies to come up with a good lead generation.

The main purpose of landing pages is to convert as many leads as possible by collecting their contact information in exchange of a lead generating offers such as discounts, freebies, and other features that are enticing enough to attract more leads. The information gathered will be used to convert the leads by sending them company newsletters and other useful updates and news about your business that may find interesting to them.

Usually, lead generators of a landing page consist of a form together with a description of the lead’s personal information. This data will be stored into the database that will be used to communicate and send more information relevant to a business’ promotional offers, discounts and other marketing information that will serve as a tool to convert leads down to a business’ sales funnel.

Listed below are some of the best pieces of advice from lead marketing experts in a trusted and reliable lead generation agency in how to boost your landing page conversion rate in a short span of time.

  • REMOVE ANY DISTRACTIONS- You should not include the main navigation panel on your landing page because you would potentially distract your lead or site visitor to navigate to the other subpages of the site, instead, you should dedicate a separate landing page wherein the lead will fill out the form without any distractions.
  • GIVE OUT ADDITIONAL OFFERS- If your landing page is ignored by the lead, you should come up with an alternative call-to-action when the lead is no longer interested in your initial offer.
  • ALIGN YOUR CALL-TO-ACTION COPIES- The reason why your landing page has low conversion rate is because of message mismatch because your call-to-action copies are not aligned to the main landing page. You should come up with engaging headlines and this should be an identical copy from your Call-To-Action to direct the lead to the landing page.
  • PROVIDE AN IMAGE- Images add more color and interest to your landing page, so you can upload an image, add more graphic designs to make it more presentable to the site visitors that will stimulate their visual interest and could become their main reason to become your customers.
  • USE BULLET POINTS- Site visitors want to know the information of your business in an organized way so make sure you use bullet points to make it readable to the site visitors and this is also a way to break down the most important attributes of your offers and promotions.

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