Storage Ideas for Your Warehouse Needs

Whatever business you have, you need a functional and organised warehouse. The first step is to choose the right storage systems. Warehouse storage system should not be taken lightly because it will serve as a major capital investment. Keep in mind that the storage systems can either help or hurt your operation.

You must know that there are many categories of storage systems available today. This will make your journey a bit confusing but if you are familiar with the options that will complement your support or layout, you can find the storage system that is right for your business.

To help you get started, here are different types of warehouse storage system your business needs:

Static shelving
Static shelves are storage solutions that are designed to stay in one place. Shelving Melbourne is meant to hold lightweight inventory or materials – it can be a few hundred pounds per shelf. Static shelving is usually considered for inventory that needs constant replenishment.

The disadvantage of these shelves is they are not compatible with forklifts. With this, the inventories are manually organised or picked. If you have a larger inventory, you need to invest in a wide shelving system, which can hold more weight. Finally, static shelving is the best option if your inventory requires higher-elevation configurations.

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Mobile shelving
Mobile shelving is meant to hold items manually picked. The good thing about mobile shelving is they are designed to hold more inventory in less space. In this type of storage, cabinets or shelves are mounted on rail systems or carriage thereby eliminating fixed aisles. At the end of the day, it can increase productivity because it makes inventory more accessible.

Multi-tier racking
This storage type is best for large stocks of items having smaller unit sizes. A multi-tier racking system is designed to utilise the vertical space. The best thing about this solution is its flexible options. Multi-tier has the ability to remove or add tiers depending on your warehouse needs.

Multi-tier racking systems only store lightweight inventories. It can be organised or picked manually. If you consider this, you need to strategically put the tiers then pack the inventories as densely as possible. Also, focus on weight limits and height compliance.

Pallet racking
If you have a large warehouse that sees a lot of action, pallet-racking systems should be considered. Typically, warehouse pallet racking melbourne are made out of metal, wood or plastic. It is functional because it can hold inventory received in large boxes. Unlike static shelving, this system is deployed with the help of forklift or an automated mechanism.

Keep in mind that there are different categories of pallet-racking systems. Categories include cantilever racking, carton-flow racking, coil racking, drive-in racking, double-deep racking, drive-through racking, vertical racking, shuttle racking, push back racking and many more. If you choose a system, make sure that you base it on flexibility and weight limits.

Mezzanine flooring
If you have a budget and your layout allows for it, mezzanine flooring is an excellent storage solution.  Basically, mezzanine flooring entails the construction of a second or third floor. With this, it is an effective and space-saving option especially if you are considering bulk inventories.

If you do your research thoroughly, you will find the right storage options for your warehouse needs. Do not be hasty and consider something that does not fit your needs. Select carefully so it can support your operation as it grows.

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