3 Things You Should Know When Looking For A Job As A Health And Safety Officer

With businesses more keen to improve the conditions of their workplace, the post of health and safety officer becomes even more prominent. Not only will the workplace become cleaner and safer, but the productivity of the employees can also be boosted by the presence of a good officer. And if you are interested in taking up the job, then you need to know a few things beforehand that will help you when applying for the post.


When applying for the job, you need to make sure that you highlight why you are suitable for the position. As far as a health and safety officer is concerned, they will be required to dispose the waste in an efficient manner, to develop an effective internal security policy, do a risk assessment, train the staff about the safety procedures, and so on. As such, when you apply for the health and safety post, clearly state how good you are at such tasks and why you are better than most people in this regard. Only then will the HR be able to judge your value and consider you for an interview.

Safety Officer


The post of a health and safety officer is one that entails a lot of resfponsibilities. For one, they have to make sure that there are no accidents or injuries at the place of work. To this end, the officer will have to draw up several policies and do regular checks of the workplace to ensure that the environment is safe and that the employees do not face any risk of accidents. And in case a workplace accident does occur, then the officer has to prepare a report that details the reasons for the said accident and how they can be avoided in the future. Health and safety officers are also responsible for ensuring that any new machinery or tools installed in the workplace follow strict standards of safety. Plus, they should also do regular site inspections to gauge the level of hazardous waste at the worksite and advice the management as to how to dispose them in a way that is least damaging to the environment.


As to the question of whether the position of a health and safety inspector is suitable for you or not, it really depends on how confident you are. The post requires you to take tough decisions on a regular basis. You may even have to go against the popular view in order to perform your duty correctly. So, if you don’t have any issues with it, then you should be able to do fine as an officer. Your fitness should be in top condition and you must also have wide knowledge about the health and safety rules and regulations.

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