Why Cardboard Boxes Have Become Ideal Packaging Choice for Manufacturers and Exporters?

Cardboard boxes are one of the most popularly used packaging materials used across the globe. Manufacturers and exporters have found numerous use and benefits of the cardboard boxes and it has become the first choice of all of them. All the manufacturers and exporters fed up of the wooden crates, have found solace in the cardboard packaging. In this article, we have listed numerous advantages that can justify the shift of choice from wooden crates to cardboard boxes.

Advantages of The Use of Cardboard Boxes as Packaging Material!


  • The material and technique used to make the cardboard boxes, makes them high quality packaging material. Cardboard boxes are abrasion proof. They do not get damaged easily by simple friction during transportation from one place to another or at the time of storing stack of card board boxes. Excellent quality of the cardboard boxes not only enables the people to reuse them but also reduces the overall cost of packaging. They have become ideal choice of packaging for both long distance and short distance transportation. Apart from that it also enables the goods to be stored for a longer time without any damage.
  • Cardboard boxes are ideal packaging for storage of food items like cereals, fruits and vegetables. Eco friendly material of the cardboard boxes provides healthy environment to store fruits and vegetables. Cardboard boxes prevent any kind of contamination and infestation in the food material stored inside them. Earlier it was a frequent practice to store and transport apples and bananas in wooden crates. These wooden crates often gave way to light, heat and other contaminants and hence spoiled the fruits. This problem has been overcome in cardboard boxes.
  • The best part is that you can print the name, picture and other details of the product on the cardboard boxes. In short, the packing material you use will advertise your product everywhere they go. It is a onetime investment, after that your product and brand will be advertised till the box is intact and in use.
  • There will not be any trouble even if you must transport the goods of irregular shape and sizes. You can easily customize the cardboard boxes as per the requirement of the product. These cardboard boxes are manufactured in different shapes and sizes and easily meet the requirement of the manufacturer.
  • Now a day, seams of the cardboard boxes are nicely glued and stapled. This adds to the strength of the boxes and can hold heavy weights. Apart from that they can easily be stacked one over the other as they are strong enough to bear each other’s weight.
  • When the cardboard boxes are not in use, all you must do is flatten them and stack them at a designated corner. On the contrary, wooden crates are not portable and lot of space must be wasted in storing the unused wooden crates.
  • The most important benefit of the cardboard boxes over the wooden crates is that they are ecofriendly and can be recycled and reused. With environment concerns soaring high all over the world, packaging industry has found a satisfactory solution in the form of cardboard boxes. Corrugated cardboard boxes are made by paper which is one of the most easily recyclable products. These boxes can be 100 percent, 90 percent or 70 percent recyclable. After recycling you can re manufacture new cardboard boxes or any other thing from the old raw material. Moreover, wooden crates are not recyclable and require lot of wood for manufacturing, thus turns to increase the overall product.
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