Meet the man with a golden heart Blake Goldring

Managing asset is not  a simple errand, thus it happen to imperative to take up the professional set up or services  so that you cannot only mange the asset, but at the same time, you can make the most from the hard-earned money.

In addition, here we bring you little backdrop about asset management company and how it turns to be great source through which you can have diverse investment options than you would have on your own. These AMCs manages hedge funds, mutual funds, and pension plan and in return, these companies charge service fee or commissions from their client.

When talking of asset management one name or rather company that instantly comes to the mind is AGF, Canadian based Investment Company, which is serving institution, individuals around the globe since its inception. The company was founded in the year 1957 and the company began with idea to pool the funds of Canadian investors so that they can have the better access to the US market, the company soared to popularity and success under the leadership of Blake goldring.

As today, it is one of the premier company that has got clients from all the nook and corner of the world to whom they are giving their services  and it has got clients not  just Canada but from US, UK, Asia as it has operational office  in Boston, Hong Kong, London, Singapore, Dublin and Beijing.

Blake was  named  chairman  of the company in the year 2006,  and  before that, in the  year 1997  he was  elected  as a president  of the company . AGF today deal with over’s $ 34 billion asset globally. His business skills are impeccable which can be easily seen the way he has led the company that today it has strong foothold in the asset management company that deals with business giants, corporate house, institutions and so on.

Apart from his great business ethics and models, he is a philanthropist  who strives to make the world better place to live in  and unlike other business giants he has own unit, a political organization that looks after the  needs  and requirement of the countrymen. Apart from that, Blake goldring is an Honorary Colonel for the Canadian army as said earlier, he is the founder of the company “many ways to serve”, a charitable organization that supports the families of the Canadian forces and their families.

It is a blatant fact, that market is subjected to change and as a non-professionals it is unquestionably difficult to find the best options and If you are looking forward to have the right options so that you can invest money in the right manner. The best way is to do the research about the different company, as this will certainly help you to find the right one that will definitely help you to have great asset Management Company that will allow you to nurture and multiply your wealth and money without wasting much of your time.

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