What Would Happen If Your Business Doesn’t Get PAT Tested?

Portable appliance testing or simply PAT testing is meant for the inspection and examination of the electrical appliances that are used at various types of businesses, industries or other workplaces for safety and normal functions. This test is meant for the safety of electrical appliances and also the people who use the same. Since there are so many people working in any business that use electrical appliances, therefore, it is important to make sure they all remain safe in all respects. Also, the safety of others around such electrical appliances is important. That is why PAT testing Surrey is mandated by the law. Let us now discuss what would actually happen if your business doesn’t get the PAT tested.

A Threat To The Safety Of The Workers And Employees

Needless to mention if your business skips PAT testing Surrey there is a threat to the safety of the workers and other employees who use such appliances or are present around when such appliances are being used. It is because the electrical appliances that are not tested for their proper and faultless functions pose a threat to the safety of all the concerned.

Result In Hefty Fines And Punishment

At some places, businesses that don’t get the PAT tested for the electrical appliances may have to pay hefty fines and may even have to undergo punishment as per the local laws.

PAT testing Surrey

The Risk To The Assets Contained At The Workplace

In the absence of the PAT testing at your business premise, there is also the risk to various valuable assets contained at the workplace. It is because the electrical appliances that are not tested and are used at the workplace pose risk to other assets as well. As an instance, there may be large scale damage due to short circuit, fire breakout etc. as a result of the use of such appliances.

Legal Issues May Crop Up

Due to lack of PAT testing, certain legal issues may also crop up. It is because you may comply with the local business laws properly only if you undergo this test as per the local state laws.

Problems With Insurance At The Workplace

Not getting the PAT test for your business may even create problems with insurance for various assets, things, employees and so on. It is because most of the insurance companies require you to undergo this test before offering any of the insurance policies.

Issues with the proper functioning of the electrical appliances

Obviously, frequent problems with the proper functioning of various electrical appliances may crop up in the absence of PAT testing.

After reading all this, it is quite clear that PAT testing is really important for your business. Hence this test must surely be carried out at your workplace so that various problems or issues that may otherwise crop up may be prevented altogether.

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