Different types of employment that organizations offer to jobseekers

Most of the different kind of organizations recruit candidates through different employment types based on their needs. Jobseekers can make use of any the recruitment process of the company by own or through an agency which helps you to get hired. Generally these agencies cost a certain amount of rupees with which you get registered with them and continue to work. Are you looking out for agencies that recruit contractors? Do not forget to check if it compiles with ir35 contracting guidelines to avoid further issues on your side.

Are you searching for a good job that would suit all your qualifications as well as needs? Read below to find the different types of employment that generally many organizations offer its candidates with.

  • First comes the permanent and full time job where candidates are hired to work as a permanent employee till the employee prefers to terminate from the company. Most of the permanent jobs are employed full time for about 9 hours and it is based on the company too. So people who would like to have flexible and fewer hours of work can struggle as employee should work for the whole day and would be given the amount of work that this full time would be efficiently consumed. So only break time could be used for leisure activities and that too normally every employee would be given with works for the day and should complete on the same day. So there is no way that you could take up much free time as you would have the responsibility to manage your daily deadlines. Only serious and unexpected emergencies can be considered to take leave. Employees can only work on the office premises for the whole day and exceptional when he/she is under several unavoidable circumstances in which work from home is offered sometimes.
  • Part time jobs are something that needs the employee to work for fewer hours either in the morning or evening based on the company’s requirements. You would have a fixed salary for each day or month that would be paid until you terminate your job. These jobs either allow home based jobs or office going jobs based on the nature of work.
  • Freelancers are people who work for a certain company at their own premises along with their own gadgets and tools. The company doesn’t provide anything like laptop or Internet connection for the work to be done. They just get the job from the client and forwards to you and the work has to be done within the given deadline and submitted to the employer. The employer then sends it to the client and gets the payment. The payment will then be transferred to you after some tax deductions are made with the employer who gives you job.


  • Next comes the contractors who are not the permanent employees of any company. They usually are recruited for a fixed term of employment through contract basis and they will either be terminated or given a new contract or renewal of the old one if they still need the resource. Do you want to become a contractor too? There are many agencies that help you get your desired job in your dream companies but do not neglect to check if your job comes under ir35 contracting as this would exempt a lot of taxes if you are a genuine contractor. If you are recruited by one of the fake agencies which do not properly pay the taxes and insurance to the government, you may be at risk for sure in the future.
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