Things you need to know about custom printed tape

Custom printed packaging tape is a product that should be necessary for all companiesin the business of shipping products to customers. There are many benefits to the use of custom tape, which outweigh the cost of getting them made.

For many new brands out there just getting started, the most challenging part is to get people to know about you and what you do. When your logo and company visuals are on the tape you ship out, it will come across various people before reaching the receiver.

When companies use custom printed tape, people who see their packages will remember the brand name more easily and view the company as being professional. The receiver of your packages will also have a more memorable unboxing experience once something about the package is different than all the others. If you think about it, the first thing customers will notice about the product they bought is the actual package. If it is less than impressive, it will not leave a positive and lasting impression on your customers. This is an important activity to do in a world with so much competition for all kinds of products in the businessof capturing the attention of the public.

Another big advantage custom printed tape has to offer is the fact that it helps reduce the instances of pilferage and tampering of your shipment. This is because people who do not work in your company will not have access to your custom tape. This means that it would be clear if someone opened the package, took an item and resealed it with regular tape.

For those of you interested, it is possible to print up to three different colors on a given roll of tape. Each color requires its own plate in order to transfer the logo onto the tape. When a plate is prepared for a company, it is kept in a docket for the next time they need to order more tape. The only time it would need to be replaced is if the same plate has been used for many jobs that it has begun to wear out or if the company has decided to change the logo on the tape.

Also for instances where you tend to under stuff or overstuff your boxes, make sure you have the right tape for the job. The best option in these cases is either the use of gummed tape or PVC.

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