Online examination for the candidate selection

An exam or test is for knowing a person knowledge, aptitude, and skill in a particular domain. The test may be written, essay, oral, online or some time performance based. The online exam is also called as online testing, or electronic assessment or computer based assessment.

The following are the advantages of online testing:

1. Eco friendly

Online exams are eco – friendly as they save paper, which in turn saves trees. Thus they help in the promotion of better environment. This helps the organization to save money and add more records in less space.

2. Time saving

The grades of these exams are done automatically by the computer. There is no need for the invigilator to correct the paper manually. This saves time and the results for the exam are obtained fast. This is useful for the organization to review their employees more effectively and efficiently. Large number of candidates can be assessed at the same time.

3. Cost effective

These exams are cost effective as they need to distribute any special paper for writing the exam and it helps the candidates also to save the money as they need not get any stationery for the examination hall. This helps the organization to cut unnecessary costs.

4. Security

These exams are very secure as they don’t involve cheating than the regular exams. Each candidate will get a random question. Thus it makes the candidates difficult to copy in the exam and it gives the potential candidate a head start in the exam.

5. Fair correction

Since these are online tests the correction for these tests are done on online. This helps the candidates to get more marks than the regular correction, which might involve favouritism of the teacher for the candidate or the employee to the employer. There is no such chance here.Eliminate the humour errors like mood, counting and etc.

6. Relaxed

The candidates can write the exam from anywhere and at any time. This helps the organization to keep the exam at the time that is suitable for the candidate. This helps the candidate to keep pace with the technology.

7. Understand candidates

These tests help the organization to analyse the candidates where they are strong and weak. They set certain standards for the candidates to pass the exam. They help to identify the potential candidates. They help to uplift the candidates who are backward and help them to cope with others. The feedback from the tests can be used to compare the candidates with each other and with their previous results.

8. Easy monitoring

The monitoring of the candidate can be done easily as there is no requirement of special invigilator for the exam. The candidate activity can be monitored virtually through online or webcam. The reliability and accurateness of the candidate can be done easily on online tests.

9. Standardize resultThese tests will help to standardize results as they will be same for everyone irrespective of when and where they are written rather than the traditional written exams.  These help the organization to identify the right candidate for the job.

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