Overview of Refresh Marketing

Once your business is starting to grow, you’ll start to discover that some of your old marketing strategy and tactics to attract new customers no longer works. The world around us is changing fast, and a marketing revamp or Refresh Marketing is what your brand needs to bounce back from the game.


It’s how you react to the situation. Most businesses grow from their basic focus as they make changes to what does not work for them. They evolve and adjust themselves to what is currently working in the marketplace.

Experiment with your rates:

Restructure your offers. You have loyal customers. So why don’t give them new creative discounts and special offers? This will drive interest with regards to new and occasional customers to become regulars.

Choose your target:

You can refresh your marketing by simply choosing who and how to market your product. Personalize your approach to each business model because they are tired of getting the generic information from a business trying to market their offer through email, phone, and fliers. Educate them of what they can benefit from what you are an offer and how they can make an increase in their sales and productivity if they acquire your service.

Refresh and boost your efforts:

  • Mobile Apps: Apps are very helpful for small business owners and managers to manage their operations and maintain their presence in the market. Think of what apps to use to increase efficiency and productivity. Cloud storage platform like Google drive lets you receive and edit your files while you are in or even away from the office, use online note Apps to sync your photos, notes, and documents.
  • LinkedIn: Be active in LinkedIn. This platform consists a lot of small business owners. Connect your LinkedIn to your twitter and other social network accounts to increase your visibility in the social market. Make sure that all information posted in your social accounts are up to date as it will represent your business. Be active in LinkedIn groups, this will help you’re virtually connected and informed of the developments in the industry.
  • Newsletters: Email marketing program is the easiest way to send out newsletters to your customers. Your newsletter should contain relevant information that will help you build the relationship with your customers. Use link tracking so you can easily see on which content generates more interest.

Get your customers involve:

Measuring of how satisfied your customers are will help you determine whether your product meets their standards and expectations. It provides business owners information on how they can improve their product. Customer’s feedback helps you measure your customer’s satisfaction. In today’s competitive market the companies that can connect more with their customers have a competitive advantage.


Every business has their own strategy. You just need to find what fits yours. Fully understand your product that way you can market it freely with no strings attached. Have it as a priority in using your product to help your customers and getting profit from it as second.

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