Buying Guide- How to choose best air compressors

An air compressor is a powerful machine that converts power into potential energy by utilizing compressed air. The air under pressure offers large amount of force that is used to inflate vehicle and bicycle tyres. Other than this air compressors are put to many different uses including agriculture, transportation and many other industries. If you’re planning to buy one for your work then there are many options available in the market to choose from. In this guide I will help you in finding the best air compressors for your work.

Selecting the right air compressor

Before buying any type of air compressor, understanding the various uses of the machine will be beneficial for you in many ways.Look for the compressor that perfectly fits into the job. And if you’ve no idea, then read this helpful guide.

  1. Know about the type of compressors- In the market there are several different models and sizes of compressors. Basically Rotary screw air compressor and the reciprocating piston air compressor are the two types that are used greatly. Reciprocating piston model is mainly used for intermittent use such as workshops, garages, small businesses and DIY tasks. They come in low to high pressure range (7-1000 bar or 100- 15000psi) with low capacity. On the other hand Rotary screw models are designed for continuous use such as big machines, and industrial use.They are low pressures (7-15 bar or 100- 215 psi) devices with high capacity.
  2. Define the requirement you need-If you’re looking a machine to simply inflate the tyres, or want to compress the power machines or any other purpose, it entirely depends on your purpose that which type you need. If you want to inflate the tyres then you would want a portable air compressor without a tank. Also, the right type of compressor depends upon the pressure and capacity required by the device. If you are buying a compressor that is too small or large for your work will be a complete wastage.
  3. Learn about the horsepower-The common range that comes in air compressor lies between 1.5-6.5 HP and are for small purposes however Air compressors with large HP are for industrial uses.
  4. Other factors-Space and portability, power source, time period of the tank, are various other factors that you must consider before buying the air compressor for you.

How to find the right compressor

Since there are hundreds of sellers in the market that sell different types of air compressors, it becomes difficult to choose theone that meets your requirements.To know the right place to buy the compressors you can read air compressor reviews online. is one of the many sites that provides information on the fair dealers and their products to the customers online From here you can read the descriptions of the people about many products that are used by them and get the right product information while planning to buy the best air compressor for you.

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