Options outside of Working from Home

Many of the worlds most successful companies were created and operated out of a basement or home setting environment, but when the time comes to expand the business, what other alternatives are available to small to medium sized enterprises who now wish to develop and grow their business. While advantageous and economical, operating out of your own home, using your own address, does not always convey an image of professionalism and quality.


The problem with moving from the comfort of your own home to a commercial premises is the cost and commitment associated with opening or leasing a new building in which to work from, this move involves substantial up-front revenue and also generally includes the signing of a long term rental agreement. With a successful company expansion is inevitable, and with a homegrown business the need for a more professional image and address is a must to portray a high quality brand. A virtual address is one alternative option.

First impressions

A home-based address does not portray the same professionalism as an enterprise with a commercial address and location, it gives prospective customers more peace of mind to see that your business is situated within the locality. Clients can easily search your company online and see where exactly you are located, this allows you to operate from anywhere in the world potentially setting up a virtual address in Sydney if your business decides to expand into the Australian market, or any other corner of the globe.

Minimal Fees

For the cost of a small monthly fee, your corporation can avail of a prestigious commercial address without having to pay enormous rental costs of office space which is simply not a practical option for your business, deciding to use an alternative option instead of a home-based addressgives you the chance to cut costs, and project a professional business image. Virtual offices provide services which are designed to suit the needs of small to medium sized enterprises without suffering from large overheads.

Services on Offer

Securing a virtual office and address allows your business to avail of the numerous benefits aimed at improving the overall standard of your company. A home-based business looking to develop can acquire professional services such as a personal dedicated phone number, when clients contact you they can easily reach you on a distinguishable local number. Having a commercial mailing address allows the business to be identified and located by lenders if you choose to negotiate a strategy to expand the firm, other services include customised mailboxes, message taking, and virtual receptionists.

Privacy and Security

Another key benefit of choosing to operate your business using a virtual office is privacy and security, having a commercial address means that you do not need to disclose your own home address which safeguards your private life. It is safer knowing that your business is registered to a virtual address instead of having your own home address visible online.

Using a virtual office and virtual address to move from a home-based business is an excellent alternative for expansion and growth. These services can be tailored made to fit any company and they all come at an affordable price.

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