How to sell your products to international customers?

You have a successful business nationally and are looking to expand but aren’t too sure how. There are many ways a business can expand.

One good way of expansion is by targeting a different market with your existing products. A good example of this is offering deliver your goods to a new international market.

The first thing to go is to check that your products can legally be sold in your new target country.

Then check your international delivery costs, a company like can offer a range of branded international courier services at discounted prices to S.M.E’s. Check that they are able to carry your product internationally, some products are banned by the carriers from international movement.

Check that your product selling price will be competitive against the competition selling within that Country.

Last but not least understand if you need to have instructions translated or a find a way to deal with any queries in the local language of your clients.

Once you have done this you will be ready to add a new international market place to the list of Countries that you deliver to.

Many of the selling market places such as eBay and Amazon will allow sellers to offer their products for international delivery and then they will promote them to your new target market.

When checking your delivery costs for an international quote, rather than just type into Google cheapest parcel delivery to USA i would argue that you should look for a company that is reputable, reliable and customer focused. This will ensure that everything runs smoothly. passes on all three accounts.Although I mentioned price isn’t everything Courierpoint has great prices too. Really it’s a win – win situation! Courierpoint are able to fetch such good deals for customers because they purchase so many parcels directly from the parcel delivery companies. Courierpoint are able to offer great prices worldwide especially to Australia. They have the cheapest parcel delivery to Australia prices that that I have found online.

Always check that your delivery supplier is reputable, as you do not want to quote a client one prise and find your supplier has changed it. One way to do this is to look for their clients online reviews. This will give you feedback on their performance level and how well they deal with clients issues.

I would also suggest promoting which service will be delivering your orders internationally as clients like to know this as part of their buying decision making process. So promoting that you use a reliable, reputable, and experienced courier re-seller such as Courierpoint will enable them to trust that your products will be deliveredon time and in good condition which will help you land that sale.

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