Key Risks in the Office 365 Implementation

The transition to Office 365 is becoming increasingly popular among businesses, both large and small. Although Microsoft offers some more useful features, such as security and reliability, companies still have doubts about migration due to implementation problems. The Office 365 implementation may seem very simple, but there are many factors that depend on the unique business requirements of the organization.

Listed below is key risks companies face when implementing Microsoft Office 365.

  1. Access problems
  2. Risk mitigation
  3. Message security
  4. Damaged data
  5. Migration problems

Access problems a central infrastructure and commercial area approach is a critical component of success. Domain access (domain verification with clouds) is vital to begin your Exchange Online implementation. Companies that do not have access to their domains will be at risk and will face implementation delays.

Risk reduction: Office 365 has several options for email failure, online protection or even authentication that can cause a complete failure, so if you recognize the possibility of an Office 365 failure, you will need a plan on how your users will access to your email and they will use it during downtime. You need an alternative solution to keep your services running, even if Office 365 is offline. For effective work in such situations, there are third-party policies and solutions.

Office 365 Implementation

Messaging Security Spam filtering is one of the biggest challenges in implementing Office 365. There are many providers in local Exchange that can provide levels of security and hygiene for messaging, some based on the gateway and others based on the client. But when you upgrade to Office 365, the possibilities are greatly reduced. Although Office 365 uses Exchange Online Protection, it cannot withstand a more complex attack, which occurs both at the connection level and at the level of email content.

Data loss. Data loss is often a serious problem for Office 365 customers, because Microsoft backup policies cannot guarantee a complete and fast recovery of lost data. Even when data is recovered, the process is long and complex, and storage policies are different for each application included in the cloud platform. The new data storage policy introduced in Outlook can, to some extent, facilitate the work of office customers. But storage policies can simply protect you from data loss in a limited way and are not considered an ideal backup solution.


Migration problems: Migrating Office 365 can be one of the easiest or most complex tasks. This depends mainly on the size and complexity of the environment in which you work. If you support a local Active Directory environment and want to migrate, this will not be an easy procedure. For a successful migration, identify fragments that are not in the current environment.

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