The Printing Service Hong Kong Will Replace Other Options

Printing service is the type of service that enables you to share all type of printing resources to the authorized and if you want to purchase then you will get it in printing service hong kong

Here you will find three types of printing services these are as follows-

  • Staff printing– it is done in between the joined SMU network that will provide color printing from a network color printer.
  • Student printing– it is handled by the vendors appointed by SMU and is chargeable for that you can use card cash or any other mode that will be accepted by them at the time of buying such printing kinds of stuff. Most of it is in students who get such prints have to send their work to the print jobs queue service and can take printout from any of the locations of the campus. It is very helpful in making projects.
  • Standalone printing– in department and school it is restricted and the funding for the thing related to this printing must be borne by that one who used it.

Specification of printing service

There are two specifications of it-

This will help you to provide the setup service from all-new network printers and provide coordination. This is also very helpful in relocating and any type of troubleshooting problems and other one is number of requests found for doing deletion, creation, adding and removing the access of the user.

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What are the terms of use?

All the users are required to follow the following terms of the use-

  • The service is only applicable to the network-enabled models of printers only and the prints with no internet connection will not run on SMU.
  • The models of all printers must be installed with the certified windows server of 2008 because IITS will not able to install such drivers.
  • If nay relocated printer or new network printer to be shared then it is required to get a new print queue.
  • List of user Id and location is required at the time of applying for new print queue it is because of restringing the unauthorized access of printing to the printer and it is important for all users to send the information in 3 working days to the IITs for any type of help related issue.

It is a very convenient service that will allow customers to get the low-cost solution and it is especially for business cards, personalized posters, custom flyers, broachers, and any type of other important printable things that are used in any type of business.

It is very easy to print something from the internet jus by following the simple way of printing that is required at the time of printing or you can press CTRL+ P.

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