Care about Your Clients and Kid’s Clothing Wholesaler Business

When you are starting up your business as a clothing wholesaler you should know some simple things to start with. You must know that you are going to become successful. You know a lot and if there is anything that you need to learn, you are surely going to learn them too. You need to have a plan to start your business. The first thing is the stock. You must connect with a few retailers whom you can ask about the type of clothes that have most demand in the market. You will be able to know which type of clothes will be good to stock up.

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Research is a good habit

Do some research regularly so that you know about the current trend in the type of clothing that you are going to stock.You will find the kids of the modern times find their idols like Spiderman to be there on their jackets and T shirt fronts. The lil girls dream remains connected with stories like Little Red Riding Hood, Frozen and Snow White. They love to have their heroes or heroines to adorn their outfits. Make sure to know all about the popularity of the cloths that you are going to deal with and check for the common and not very common designs – to get your stock moving.

Keep the accounts of your business

You will have to be very clear about the accounts of your business. Each of the clients will give their orders and you must have the proper setup to keep all the details of each order and then deliver the orders as fast as possible. The retailers will often want to order online so that they need not explain everything over phone or through your sales rep. In this case, the staff that you have must take note of all the order details and make entries through proper software. The clothing that they order must be delivered as per the order and you should keep updating the stock accordingly to fulfill each order.

Choose a niche

 The wholesale business is a very competitive one and if you want to get going for a long time, you can try to choose your own niche. You can take to the road that has little competition and a good demand. You can work with the sports clothes of kids of all ages. They need them all the time till they leave school. You can also choose the party wears of kids to be the field where you would drive your sixer.  These clothes are not stored by most retailers but there are many people who want these clothes for regular wear and party wear too.

Offer special discounts

You can build special relation with your clients. Offer them discounts so that they take off more stock from you. Make deals so that there is a regular buying of the clothes from you as a clothing wholesaler. The B2B buyers will love the idea of taking off more stock in a lower price to get both way profits. These will also mean more order for your business. You must also provide excellent customer service. Ask them about their opinion on different plans that you have and let them give their actual views. These can be given by them on your site too and you can work out plans to implement some of them.

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