Benefits of choosing IBM cloud services for iSeries

How to manage cloud services with iSeries?

There are tens and thousands of applications installed on the cloud. Everyday many people surf on the internet to meet their requirements online like Reservations, E-billing, Online Shopping, Online Training and many other kinds of services. Then came the IBM iSeries cloud services which are secure and reliable in offering excellent cloud solutions for business-critical applications to enhance their rate of performance and productivity of organisation through proper hosting channel and maintenance. Such is the site of Cloud400 which offers flexible and affordable services to its users such as iSeries, AS400, System I without any problem. We all know that IBM is a pioneer for offering scalable resources to manage the cloud environment through large enterprise solutions.

Benefits of choosing IBM cloud services for iSeries: 

  • Cloud400 is backed by world-class IBM I experts who are having more than 20 years of experience in handling the applications that are complicated and need the assistance of a professional expert like them. Hence they are the right choice who knows everything about your application and do the needful to uplift your application to run successfully and gain your confidence for a better business prospectus.
  • All the services offered by Cloud400 are very safe, flexible and affordable as they charge only for the services offered that is minimal and not too high. Advantage their servers that are hosted on tier III data centre along with four fibre loops on the internet. They allow all their users to gain 99.9% uptime for reliability and redundancy as they are SOC 1 SSAE 18 certified to offer high level managed services and are also best known as power speciality business partner.

IBM cloud services for iSeries

  • Although it is a known fact that every service provider charges a certain amount and first signs a contract before offering their managed services, here, in this case, the client doesn’t have to sign a long contract. Instead, they can first avail their 60 days free trial offer and then choose a package such as three months or 1 year or so on according to their requirement.
  • Having around 86 servers Cloud400 is customised to offer high-quality services to their clients to increase their performance and reduce any critical damage that can affect their business on the internet. Because when the hosting is critical, the server-to-server integration requires local connections and then this platform offers best IBM iSeries expertise who offer solutions in the form of refined assessment to set up your processes that streamline your online boarding, testing and go live.
  • Hence hands on this service provider which is safe, reliable, cost-effective and guarantees you 99.9% results in your project without spending too much money for hosting, backup, connectivity on internet, with latest IBM technology that makes more sense and offers excellent support that makes your application much more flexible to get accessible for your future projects.


Gain full confidence when approaching Cloud400 managed services that is the best place in the marketplace to deal you any critical business application with ease, which is cost-effective and very responsive IBM experts who know how to deal your application on the cloud without spending too much money and efforts making it secure, reliable and redundant. What you have to do is make a phone call and avail their 60 days free trial cloud assessment to reap the benefits.

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