A Quick Overview on Canadian Work Permit and Hong Kong Immigration

About Canadian Work Permit

If you are not a permanent resident of Canada but a foreign national, then you need to have a work permit to work in Canada Immigration hk. All work permits are based on certain pre-conditions called as Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). If your work does not require a LMIA or if you already have a LMIA, then you only need to fill and submit the documents mentioned in the IRCC which is Immigration, Refugee, Citizenship Canada, either via online or mail. Incomplete applications are sent back even without processing. So, send only completed forms. If there are any false information, then you will be completely barred for five years from Canada Immigration hk.A work permit has your name, personal information, address details and employment information such as employer, profession, employment period and work location. If a representative fills the form on your behalf, the address of the representative is mentioned. The work permit only allows you to stay legally and work in Canada and cannot be used as a visa. It the work permit expires while you leave after employment period, then you can re-enter only with another official work permit. If you have extended your work permit, you can continue to stay and work in Canada until the extension time (implied status). Restoration is possible after 90 days of expiry date and prohibits you from working on those days. Make sure you do not get any negative remark as it has false impact on your future IRCC applications.

Canadian Work Permit and Hong Kong Immigration

About Hong Kong Work Permit

Work Visa in Hong Kong is difficult to get since its vacancies is easily filed by its local immigrants. The work visa provided under the Employment for Professionals scheme by the immigration consultant hong kong. It is offered based on the candidate qualifications and skills that are less common in the local immigrants. These workers come under Technology Talent Admission Scheme (TechTAS) and the General Employment Policy (GEP). Top 100 University Graduates get extra preference from them. All required documents must be submitted to the Hong Kong Immigration department. Once the visa is approved, you must collect it at the local Hong Kong consulate in person. These work visas which are valid for a year can be extended until the candidates work in Hong Kong. If family members join the candidate, dependent visa has to be got. The work visa is not transferrable if the candidate shifts job. He has to get a new work visa from the Immigration department in Hong Kong. If he works for seven years in Hong Kong he gets a permanent work visa. The work visa processing takes only 4-8 weeks.

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