4 Tips to Help You Get the Job As A Housing Officer

The job of a housing officer, though not glamorous, can be pretty satisfying in itself for people who are looking to work in a field where they can contribute to the well-being of the society. However, getting hired for the job can be a tricky thing for many people. And to help you with that, we list below four tips that can help you be hired as a housing officer.

Be Specific About Skills And Achievements

You have to be very specific about the job skills you possess and your achievements. As such, if the interviewer asks you how good you are with people, don’t just answer it by saying that you are very good at dealing with people. That is a very vague answer. How is an interviewer supposed to judge you by that answer? They can’t. So, think about something specific that can highlight your communication skills. For example, reply that you were selected as the best customer support staff at your last job seven times in a row which is a record in that company. This answer gives the interviewer a more concrete idea of your skill than just saying that you are good with customers.

Provide Proof Of Similar Work

If you have been engaged in any kind of work that is in anyway related to the post of the housing officer, be sure to highlight it. For example, if you have worked in any charity organization that dealt with the rehabilitation of drug addicts, make sure to mention it to the interviewer and provide proof of such work. Since a housing officer may also have to deal with homeless people who might have gone through substance abuse, your experience in that field will make you look much more appealing.  And if you are looking for a good recruitment agency to approach for the job of a housing officer, check out https://www.socialhousingrecruitment.co.uk/

Housing Officer

CIH Qualification

If you have taken a foundational degree in housing from an institution that has been accredited by Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH), then your chances of getting the job will increase dramatically. However, some interviewers may not stress too much on CIH qualifications and will be okay with you as long as they see that you are committed to the job.

Show Your Passion

Social housing is all about community service. It seeks to provide the low-income class of a society with cheap housing solutions. As such, you must show your passion and enthusiasm to be a part of this process. You need to let the interviewer think that you are genuinely interested in helping the homeless and downtrodden people find comfortable shelter. If they think that you are only applying the post to get a stable job, then you have less chance at getting hired for it..

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