Here’s How to Amend Your Business Address

In every business venture, some changes might happen. It includes growth, such as an increase in the number of employees, additional amenities, or perhaps your monthly lease payment has increased. However, moving and changing your business should not be a complicated task, to begin with. Also, your vendors, clients, and loyal customers should receive a notice regarding your new business address.

Make sure to notify the state, federal, and local taxing authorities regarding the change of location. In other cases, you’ll need to send a notice to the authorities in the address you’re leaving and officials where you’ll be relocating.

All Business Changes of Location

If you happen to have any local license or permits, you’ll need to amend these with the correct agency. For the IRS, you don’t need to change any existing information if you’re moving the business within the state. For instance, your EIN (employer ID number), you need to fill up the Form 8822: Change of Address (Part II) to activate the changes.

On the Form 8822, you may state whether you want to change the physical address of the business or you want to change your business mailing address where you’ll receive all the legal matters and notifications connected to business income, employment taxes, excise, and other tax purposes. Form 8822 is also used to amend the name of the responsible party for the business.

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Moving Your Business within the State

If you’re moving the business within your state, you need to notify different state authorities and departments as well as the agencies in your city or country.

State Secretary of State

Send a notification message to the secretary of state when you moved the business within your state. Each state moving procedure is different and vary state to state, but you’ll have to change your essential documents such as Articles of Incorporation for limited liability company.

If your business type is sole-proprietorship and you registered your business in your state, you might need to notify the secretary of state for your business change in location. Also, there might be a small charge for a change of address.

State Department of Revenue 

You also need to notify the State Department of Revenue about the new location of your business, so they are informed where to send letters or notification for state taxes such as sales taxes, and state income taxes. Also, you need to submit information to the old state department of revenue to close your business account, since you establish the new one.

City and County 

For business licenses and permits, contact the local authorities and country where you do the business to inform them regarding the change of your location. Also, notify the officials to your old address for the change as well as the new address of your business.

Moving Out Away from the City, County, and State 

If you’re moving out to a new city, inform your old location that you’re gone and get a new business permit and license with the new town. You may also need a DBA or fictitious name with the new county or city.

If the business moves into a new state, you’ll need to cancel your business account in your old state. Also, you’ll need a new license and business permits with your new state.

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