Divorce Arbitration, an Alternative to the Courtroom

A divorce is an emotionally gruelling and expensive affair and the longer it drags, the more it takes its toll on the parties involved. Privacy and courtroom settings are also concerns that add to the stress. An alternative option to the litigation of divorce cases is divorce arbitration, a more informal procedure compared to a traditional courtroom divorce. Divorce arbitration also has all the legitimacy of the traditional trial process.

The Process

Many a times, divorce mediation is not the answer and the disputing parties want to maintain a low profile by not going to court. During such scenarios, arbitration is the most optimum resort. In divorce arbitration, a third party makes the decision that is binding for the disputing parties. The many types of disputed issues that can be addressed by arbitration are the same as those that are usually taken to court. They include child related issues like custody, support and visitation. Issues related to spousal support and modifications to existing divorce decrees can also be addressed by arbitration.

Advantages of Divorce Arbitration

There are many advantages of divorce arbitration. Privacy is a big concern for involved parties due to the intimacy and sensitivity of the issue. Arbitration usually takes place in the confines of an attorney’s office. Arbitration is a preferred choice for couples who are looking for a divorce but do not want to display aspects of past lives in the more public platform of a courtroom.

The informal setting of divorce arbitration can be helpful in getting parties to be able to present arguments more freely. This is the common factor arbitration shares with mediation. The involved parties can also have a bigger say in the rules around the arbitration and the areas that the third party arbitrator can address.

Scheduling is more convenient in divorce arbitration. Compared to courtroom trials, where cases can drag over months, divorce arbitration is planned according to the schedules of the parties involved. Because of this option to expedite, cases get closed much faster than a trial room solution.

Other advantages include costs. The short timelines and efficient procedures mean that expenditures are limited compared to litigation. The decision that an arbitrator makes are final, so perpetual litigation is avoided. For those looking for a final resolution, this is the best option.

Efficient and Experienced Providers

Divorce arbitration is becoming a favoured choice for many well-informed disputing parties. While looking for a third party arbitrator it is always prudent to choose experienced attorneys who can provide an effective resolution for this crucial life decision. Concerned parties can find an Austin divorce arbitration lawyer who ticks all these boxes and understands each individual case with the sensitivity and knowledge it demands.


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