What Are The Most Important Documents That Your Business Can Have Scanned?

There are lots of different types of documents that will be created by a business. Whether you are running a gym or a marketing company, there will be lots of paperwork stored on your premises that can be scanned and then turned into a digital format. What are the most important documents that your business can have scanned and stored electronically?

Employee Contracts

The first documents that you should think about having scanned and electronically stored are employee contracts. These will let the employee know their responsibilities as well as their rights. This document will need to be kept on file the whole time that the employee is working for the company.

The contract should be scanned and stored digitally because it could easily be misplaced if it is in paper format. The contract will need to be consulted if there are any disputes between the employer and the employee, so it can easily be retrieved as a digital file which is stored permanently on a computer. Employee document scanning and digitalization will ensure that there are no delays when important matters need to be sorted out as soon as possible.

Merger Contracts

Merger contracts set out the terms when two companies join together to create a single new one. It is important that all the terms of the merger are set out in the contract. For example, both companies may have to make a certain number of their existing employees redundant in order for the new company to take shape.

These merger contracts might need to be consulted at any time, so you should make sure that the documents are scanned and digitalised for easy access. This can help to clarify any issues or to resolve disputes which could potentially derail the merger.

Ownership Documents

When you own a share of a business with other people, you need to make sure that the ownership documents are kept safe and that they can be accessed digitally. Sometimes, people will have business disputes or disagreements about ownership. You will need to make sure that the ownership contracts are completely clear and that there are no misunderstandings at all.

Client Information

You will need to store a lot of sensitive information about your client. This could include their contact details as well as their bank account information. These details need to be kept secure at all times because people might want to steal the information and use it for their own financial or personal gain.

You can remove the risk of this happening by having all the client documents digitalised. Then the information will be stored where criminals cannot access it easily without hacking difficult passwords and encrypted computer files.

When you are thinking about having some of your company’s most important documents digitalised, you will need to prioritise the documents in order of their importance. Then you will be able to pay a professional company to handle the process.

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