Personality Traits to Be Mentioned on a CV

To catch the eye of your recruiter, you must mention, both on your curriculum vitae and during your job interview, your personal and behavioral qualities. Personality traits are essential when looking for a job. You must absolutely name them in addition to your professional skills. According to a study released by the world’s greatest professional social network LinkedIn in 2016, only 19% of recruiters consider experiences as the most important criterion for hiring a candidate. They tend to favor the following qualities.

Being True to Yourself

It seems like the key to success is being true yourself and remaining authentic all the way. But beware, it does not mean you can kiss your recruiter or taking your nose off in front of them! Clearly, it is about being honest and not cheating. In other words, you cannot invent skills or attitudes that you do not have when you create a CV. Remember that the recruiter can verify the information on your resume to make sure that this personality trait is real.


Having a Team Spirit

Whatever the position sought is, team spirit always matters. When working in a company, you have to get on with your colleagues if you want to achieve your goal more easily. It is also important for everyone’s well-being. It means that you must be polite in all circumstances, comprehensive and helpful when needed. For example, even if you missed your bus and had then to ran all morning, you should be able to stay friendly to everyone once at work.

Being Autonomous and Highly Organized

In order to find your job a source of fulfillment, you must know how to be autonomous and well-organized. Indeed, an autonomous and highly organized worker will be more likely to complete the tasks requested successfully and therefore to be more valued. These two personality traits refer to the ability to carry out a given function by yourself and to manage your working times. Leaders appreciate employees who can achieve what has been asked of them on time and in the best possible way.

Having Good Interpersonal Skills

In the event that your boss requires one or more teamwork from you, it is essential to have good interpersonal skills beforehand, namely a good sense of teamwork. It will also be about building relationships with your colleagues so that you can work together in the best conditions. Remember that you will have to prove this point during the interview. Do not hesitate to express yourself politely, do not let stress and shyness gain the upper hand.

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